Top Algorithmic Trading Strategies That You Should Know About


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Algorithmic trading is one of the world’s most popular and effective methods of trading. It involves using a computer program that’s programmed to follow instructions, to place trades. The instructions programmed are usually based on quantity, time, and pricing. Algorithmic trading is very effective because there is no human emotion involved. In addition, these computer programs are able to make trades and generate profits at speeds that are impossible for a human trader to match, which makes them very attractive to traders.

In this article, you will find out about the top algorithmic trading strategies that you need to know about:

Dollar-Cost Averaging

To begin, let’s discuss dollar-cost averaging. It’s undoubtedly the simplest automated trading strategy, and one of the most widely used. Traders love this strategy because of how straightforward and easy it is to use, especially for beginners. This strategy involves investing fixed amounts of cash into an asset periodically. Over a long period of time, this can generate a lot of profits. The idea is that because the price fluctuates a lot, you’ll be able to buy the stock cheaper over time, instead of investing in it once and spending all of your money.

Arbitrage Opportunities

This strategy involves buying a dual-listed stock for a lower price in one market and selling it simultaneously for a higher price in the other market that it’s listed in, allowing you to generate nearly risk-free profit. This is a strategy that’s particularly useful to people who’re new to algorithmic trading because it’s virtually risk-free. It can be a great way to generate profits, depending upon the amount that you’re investing. It’s definitely something that you’ll want to consider if you’re interested in experimenting with algorithmic trading strategies. It’s very straightforward and doesn’t require much experience.

Day Trading Automation

Day trading automation is another of the world’s most popular types of algorithmic trading. It can be used for day trading with crypto or with stocks. Manual day trading requires a trader to constantly assess market conditions and make trades according to their intuition, which can be very draining, not to mention trades can be influenced by emotions, which rarely ends well. Thankfully, these trades can be automated, which reduces the emotional and physical strain. For this strategy, you will need access to current market data and potentially indicator calculations, as well as a stock screening library. There are also platforms that will create the algorithm [bots]for you.

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Time-Series Momentum

This algorithmic trading strategy is one of the world’s most popular. Every single day, billions of dollars are traded using this algorithmic strategy. This algorithm predicts future values based on previously observed values. To put it simply, it generates profits through an algorithm that predicts an asset’s future prices by looking at its previous prices. This algorithm is also known as a ‘trend-following strategy.’

In order to use these algorithms, then you will need to compile information about an asset’s past behavior, including its historical price data and an indicator calculator library. Most framework libraries can support these strategies.

Cross-Sectional Momentum

Picking stocks to trade can be difficult, even for the most experienced traders. Cross-sectional momentum strategies are used to compare momentum metrics across different stocks, to predict which stocks will be likely to generate profits in the future. Cross-sectional momentum considers the market movement responsible for driving each stock, as well as the strength of signals across stocks, in order to produce a strategy that outdoes the market. This type of strategy also uses libraries, like the previously mentioned strategy does. This makes it easy to calculate the indicators. You will also need access to multiple symbols’ price data.

What Are the Benefits of Algorithmic Trading?

  • Trades are made at the best possible prices, therefore saving [and generating]money;
  • Orders are made instantly, which means execution is almost guaranteed at the desired prices;
  • The bot frequently checks market conditions, in order to predict any changes;
  • There are fewer risks when placing trades.

One of the most prominent benefits associated with algorithmic trading is that it completely removes the possibility of mistakes made because of emotional decisions. Unfortunately, for many traders, this is their downfall. When trading, it’s easy to panic and think that you’re going to lose your investment. When people panic, they make bad decisions. With an algorithmic trading bot, this can’t happen. The bot doesn’t panic and instead makes carefully timed trades according to the instructions it has been given. It acts fast and decisively.

If you’re interested in algorithmic trading, then this article should have provided you with enough information to get started. The strategies listed here are among the most popular and the simplest.


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