Watch out for these hidden fees when you’re travelling


Travelling the world or even going on holiday means lots of planning and budgeting. You have to be careful with your money, know how much things will cost and how you can save as much money as possible for your trip.

However, despite your caution and your stringent planning, you could still be losing money from your travel fund. No one wants to fork out huge amounts on their travel plans, especially when they don’t seem to get much in return! Understanding hidden travel costs can help keep your budget low and your holiday spends much more reasonable. 

So, watch out for these hidden fees when you’re travelling.

International money transfers

Whether you’re paying a bill, you want to upgrade your accommodation, or your parents are sending you some additional money so you can treat yourself, international money transfers are a lifeline for travellers and holidaymakers alike. Sadly, failing to compare providers could mean paying extortionate transfer fees and exchange rates. The solution is simple, this international money transfer comparison site can help you find the best deal and help you to find the best price for your budget. Don’t move your money without it!  

Room service and mini bars!

You’ve finally made it to your hotel room after a long haul flight and you’re both hungry and exhausted. You’ve run out of snacks so you reach for the minibar, it’s too late to go out for something to eat so you call room service. These hotel additions are there for our convenience but they come at a huge cost! Do you really want to spend $25 on a bottle of water? 

By simply planning ahead and ensuring you have plenty to eat, drink and snack on when you arrive will keep temptation at bay. If you know your flight is getting in late, research local eateries near your hotel and bring plenty of snacks and water with you. 


Is your hotels’ wi-fi service included in the price of your room? If not, you could be in for a very expensive stay. Check the roaming charges with your provider to see if you’ll be charged for using it at your destination. Alternatively, consider bringing along a pocket-wi-fi device. You should always be wary of using hotel wi-fi, some are more secure than others…


Charges for using the ATM, then additional charges from your bank to access your money outside your banking network, or overseas and you’re looking at a huge additional cost! Always have a mixture of cash and cards on you – although don’t have all your money on you at once – and if you do need to take out more cash, head into a bank rather than using an ATM. 

And finally, tipping

Tipping is a topic of great confusion for many travellers. In some countries it’s customary, whilst in others, it’s simply not done. Always research the customs and expectations of diners in your host country. Etiquette is important when you’re visiting a foreign country if you’re unsure you could always ask the hotel staff for advice!


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