Why is scamming still a thing in the Forex Market?


The forex market is the largest financial market in the world with a worth of more than $6 Tn. There are millions of people all around the world that have invested or are planning to invest in the forex market. Many traders and investors have opted for forex trading as full-time work for themselves, and many of them have managed to earn significant profits as well. However, a market that functions in such a vast commercial sphere can also be vulnerable to scams and frauds at times. There have been incidents where people lost tonnes of money by trusting a fraudulent broker.

However, the question that arises is that how are scams still a thing in this era where everything is digitalized, and technology has introduced foolproof mechanisms in almost every walk of life. One of the major reasons for this is that people often try to save money while looking for forex brokers. This is because reliable and credible forex brokers might come at a price. However, people need to understand that spending extra money on credible brokers is better than losing the savings of a lifetime to a scammer. Traders should be cautious while opting for forex brokers because even in 2021 there are many figures with maligned intentions sitting in the forex market, waiting for you to make a slight error.

Forex scams of different nature

The thing about forex scammers is that they represent themselves professionally through well-crafted websites and catchy taglines. While promising great profits they attract traders with vibrant graphics and fake but seemingly believable success stories. Traders are usually impressed by the slick appearance of these brokerage companies, and become a victim soon after making the initial deposit for registration. There are many forex brokers that have been blacklisted over the years, but still tonnes of them are hiding in the market sphere.

These scammers can be subdivided into certain categories. Firstly, there are Fly-by-night brokers that target beginners and inexperienced traders in the market. These brokers lure these beginners by big claims, as they are an easy target. Then there are Forex bucket shops, which have reasonable skills and knowledge about the market but they offer practically impossible trading conditions, making people lose money. Thirdly, there are brokerage companies that offer Ponzi Pyramid schemes. These schemes make huge and surreal promises to lure and lead traders into a trap, and after a certain time, the whole scheme itself collapses.

Avoiding Forex scams

For an investor or a trader, it is necessary to learn about the forex market beforehand. It is risky and quite unreasonable to jump into the market without identifying the complications one might face. It is inevitable that one might come across a dishonest, fraudulent, or scammed broker. However, it is up to the trader to minimize the chances of suffering a loss from these brokers.

Traders should check the authenticity of forex brokers from different mediums before acquiring their service. They can check for the review and ratings over the internet. Also, there are rating lists to review the performances of different forex brokers. Moreover, traders should be vigilant if any forex brokers make unreasonable claims, or ask for any private information because there is a high chance that the broker might have corrupted intentions.


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