5 Secret Places to Install A Panic Button in An Office


You probably know how necessary it is to install a panic button at a workplace. But are you aware where exactly to do so? If not, here we are to help. In a world where everything is inevitable, it’s always better to be safe. Panic buttons allow that sense of security in sudden scenarios. Nowadays, they are being installed in workplaces of all sorts. Which is great news to be honest! So as a business owner or business executive it is best that you take some responsibility for the safety of your employees. Here are five secret places you could install a panic button.

  1. Lobby or Receptionist Desk

This is an obvious spot, but definitely the most important. The first place you can install a panic button for office is in the lobby of your building. As the first place an intruder may enter should be the first to be considered for panic button installment. This way your receptionist or secretary will be ensured for safety. A response team could also be hired for the workplace. This team will be notified as soon as the button is pressed and will make things more comfortable for the person in panic. It’s better than having a bigger authority as the mediator as they can sometimes not understand the severity of the situation.

  1. Security Desk

This part of the building contributes to the safety of the workplace but that doesn’t mean that it won’t need a panic button itself. Since the employees working at this desk will be monitoring all aspects of the office, they will need an emergency button for sudden situations. This way they will be able to inform the authorities even if they spot something suspicious. A security desk or office may seem like a safe place for its employees, but a panic button can ensure further safety just in case.

  1. Central Employee Space

Many offices have a central space where most of the management employees are present. This part of the building should be protected the most for obvious reasons. Installing a panic button here as well will ensure overall security. In case of emergencies, an employee may hit the button immediately informing the response team to take further action. It’s the best cautionary step to take to ensure their safety as much as you can. If you can protect as many employees as you can, why not take the chance?

  1. Shipping Desks and Inventories

Places in an office with products of worth would obviously need protection too. Companies that have several shipping and manufacturing departments should install panic buttons for their safety. You never know when something might come up. Especially if any equipment is being used and an accident occurs, the panic button may be pressed so as to receive immediate attention. Workplaces that do a lot of manual labor require a more medical panic button. Not that regular ones don’t, but it’s a direct approach.

  1. Secret Exit Buttons

Coming to the more secret aspect of the topic, you can place some secret panic buttons at the exits of the building. For example, if an employee is escaping the facility, at least they will be able to call for help while doing so. This is possible with the panic button. Routine drills should be conducted in the workplace so that all employees, old and new, will be alert and informed. Overall, all these places should be monitored at all times to ensure overall business safety.

There you have it, five places to put up a panic button at your office. To conclude, make sure to form a response team. It really makes the safety measure process better. This is because the team will be able to decide whether the situation can be handled within those four walls or if formal authorities need to be called in.


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