What Businesses Are Saying

“We’re very appreciative of CBN’s reporting and the impact their communication has provided to the Central Oregon design and construction industry.”
Todd Turner, BBT Architects Inc.

“There’s two things I look for in every issue of Cascade Business News. First, what’s new in the business community. The paper always seems to stay on top of what’s new. Second, I like the focus in each issue on different aspects of business. For example, one issue will focus on the banking industry, another on construction and still another on mortgages.”
Bob Eberhard, Owner, Eberhard Dairy

“I’ve always appreciated that Cascade Business News offers comprehensive, region-wide coverage. This is particularly important for Redmond’s growing business community.”
Jean Wood, MHi, Real Estate Development & Asset Management

“Many of the offices that I go into seeking clients have copies of Cascade Business News in their reception areas. We’re trying to reach the same businesses in Central Oregon and that’s why Quantum Communications is advertising in your publication.”
Larry Andrews, Director of Customer Services, Quantum Communications