How DropShipping works On Banggood E-commerce platform



Banggood is a better option for dropshipping.

It is an e-commerce platform that offers low prices on multiple products like DHgate and Aliexpress. There are various products available to buy on Banggood, the include;  Smart phones, Drones, Robots, Computers, Home and  Beauty products, Outdoor, sports products, Garden and Outdoor Products, Clothing, and Apparel.

Although, this site is not as popular as DHgate and Aliexpress and this feature makes it an enticing place for dropshipping products.

How Can I Make Payment?

Banggood accepts various payment methods that include PayPal, Visa, wire transfer, and even Cash on Delivery (This is available in some countries).

Why Choose Banggood for Dropshipping?

Banggood offers products that can’t be found at other online shopping stores such as robots and drones. These products are available for shipping on Banggood which isn’t available at few online stores.

How long does it take to deliver?

It takes close to 20-30 days before delivery for short distance dropshipping. However, all items are guaranteed to be delivered in 60days. Although, some far distance counties require more.

Banggood also offers free shipping to customers if the shipping time is not respected. When the dropshipping exceeds the requested time of the buyer, the buyer is eligible for a full refund.

However, there are limitations to a full refund when the following occurs:

When the order has been lost or stolen without been insured

If the buyer provided an incorrect or incomplete delivery details

If the delay was due to Government Issue or command such as public holidays and custom issues

How Much Does Shipping costs?

Shipping fees are fixed on each product page and also at the checkout. Also, the buyer can have the shipping fee when the correct delivery country has been selected together with the warehouse and shipping method.

However, shipping costs vary according to different reasons which include:

  1. The location for the delivery

The location for the delivery is a typical factor in determining the cost of shipping. Dropshipping to far distance is more costly than shipping to near warehouses or countries.

  1. The type of product ordered

The type of order is also a good determinant of the shipping fee.

Bulky products require a lesser fee compared to a single unit order.

  1. The shipping method

Each shipping method varies in price

  1. And lastly, the selected warehouse

Warehouses have different prices they charge.

Tips for Effective Usage of Banggood for DropShipping.

  • Use PayPal for your payments
  • Be sure of the required shipping time. When a free shipping option is taken, and you need the items urgently, upgrade with the express options
  • Ensure you sign up for email newsletter to receive alerts early on any fresh deal early
  • Use available local warehouses
  • Ensure you check your customs rules before ordering to know the type of products you can send for and the ones you can not
  • Ask questions about a product you do not know before ordering.
  • If you are willing to save, buy in bulk
  • If you have a question or need help, contact the customer service.

Tips for an Effective Snatch Deal

Snatch deal is a deal that allows you to get products such as robots and drones for as low as $0.01.

  • The first thing to do is to install the app to be able to enjoy the services.
  • Secondly, gather all your team as fast as possible using social media.
  • The next step is to activate your BG pay account.
  • Meanwhile, your available BG points can be used to participate and the profits earned are hit re-fundable
  • Click on the settings to access the Snatch deals in the app.
  • Then click the option Join here;

DropShipping on Banggood takes close to a month or more before delivery ensure you take all necessary precautions to avoid having a problem.


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