Arab countries where the gambling is legal


Gambling in Arab countries is a delicate and sensitive matter because all Arab countries have problems with regulating land-based casinos due to political or religious problems, on the other hand there is a huge demand from several wealthy families and politicians to establish facilities that permit playing casino games for everyone and not only to attract tourists to play in those land-based casinos and to stop the prohibition of gambling. Despite everything many Arab gamblers tend to gamble in online casino for real money because it is easier, enable them from playing freely without any restrictions at all.

Gambling in Lebanon

Lebanon is no stranger from the world of tourism and gambling, actually all Lebanon laws encourage tourism and Gambling, but still Gambling in Lebanon is a tricky thing because the Lebanese governments decided that the gaming monopoly shall remain solely in its hands through its famous landmark Casino du Liban, but yet the laws in Lebanon prohibit the Lebanese from playing in Casino du Liban and only permit foreigners to play in it, but yet thousands of Lebanese gamblers head towards online casinos to play their favorite casino games and to enjoy the atmosphere of gambling and its beautiful adrenaline rush. However, there are huge restrictions from the government of Lebanon on the gambling which also deprived Casino du Liban from operating freely and from providing other gambling games than the traditional casino games like sports betting and other betting games, also the government is trying constantly to block all the offshore online casinos to prevent its residents from playing and gambling online, but this will not stop Lebanese gamblers from playing and gambling because they can simply make use of any virtual private network to access any casino online they desire and enjoy the games of Blackjack and Baccarat.

Gambling in Egypt

History gives great credit to the ancient Egyptians as the inventors of gambling games, like the ones who introduced gambling games to the ancient world. the gambling fever is still running in the veins of the land of the great Nile, where there are several land-based casinos that are operating in different regions of Egypt like Casino Semiramis, Radjah Grand Casino, and Sinai Grand Casino and many others. However, the ministry of tourism in Egypt regulates the establishment and operating of land-based casinos for tourist’s entertainment and foreign passport holders and they accept players from different nationalities and have in them all types of casino games, but yet it prohibits Egyptians from playing in those land-based casinos due to the Islamic laws that prohibit gambling, but this did not stop Egyptian gamblers from tricking the law and playing In online casinos that welcome them. There are so many online casinos that design their websites in Arabic for Egyptian gamblers, all they have to do is simply download a virtual private network and use a bank account to deposit their money into one of those online casinos and then to enjoy the world of online casino games.

Gambling in Syria

The gambling in Syria is technically illegal, where it was banned back during the 1970s because of political pressures and some clerics. Back in that era, there were three fully equipped casinos (the Bloudan casino, the Airport, and the orient club). However, during the recent years and under many pressures from several wealthy men it has been allowed to reopen a new casino, which is the only casino in Syria right now. It is located near the city center and within the former establishment of the Airport hotel-casino, it has all the types of casino games like roulette, blackjack, and slots, similar to other Arab countries it was built to attract tourists since Syria is in the middle of a developing and flourishing era, thus not anyone can get inside this casino, where the only allowed people are the ones with a foreign passport and has foreign currencies like dollars and euros. This made a problem to Syrian gamblers who love to gamble, but like their peers from the Arab countries, Syrian gamblers moved to online casinos to play their favorite casino games and to enjoy the atmosphere and the adrenalin that is created by this game.


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