Career Options for Data Science Graduates


Currently, big data and data science are two of the top trends in the online world. It’s been a hot topic for IT specialists and even media outlets across the globe. With a Bachelor’s degree in big data or online Masters in Data Science, you can acquire the right skills needed in practicing business intelligence and data analysis.

But what are the best career options you can choose today so you can live your dream as a successful data scientist?

Revolutionary Career Moves to Make

Learning and acquiring data science skills set can certainly revolutionize your dream career. But before you can get to that position, you need to master Python, SQL, and R. And the road doesn’t end there, you also need to be familiar with specific technical skills in order to become a qualified data science professional in your chosen field.

Here are the top career options you can take if you’re a graduate of data science program:

  • Project Manager. If you hold a degree in data science, you can work as program or project manager. This position requires skills in data evaluation, business operations, planning, and execution. However, project managers also need to have knowledge in statistics.
  • Big Data Engineer. You can work for entertainment companies, tech companies, or retail & trade companies as a big data engineer or data mining. The main job you will need to do is gather data and analyze them in order to build and maintain the entire software system.
  • Data Analyst. Many of the data analysts today are working in finance companies, telecommunications companies, and manufacturing companies. You will track important data and develop visual graphics in order to extract information that will help understand the behavior of consumers. Factors to be analyzed include demographics, gender, shopping seasons, and many others.
  • Business Intelligence Expert. This job requires knowledge and skills in conducting market research so accurate reports can be generated through structured data. You will need to learn machine language, statistical tools, and SQL in order to create analysis reports needed in business improvements.

Are you ready to work as a data scientist? Knowing the skills you currently have can help you identify the best career options available today. It may not be easy to find your first data science professional experience, but if you really are determined to take this career path then you will eventually succeed.


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