Direct Mail Marketing: 5 Tips for Success


For newcomers to the world of business, direct mail marketing is one of the most overlooked promotional strategies. The world continues to shift away from physical marketing towards its digital counterpart. Instead of brochures and billboards, new businesses are opting for the likes of social media and blogging.

With that said, there’s still a place for direct mail marketing in your advertising efforts.

An effective direct mail campaign can produce big results if it is done correctly, and with the right frame of mind. To help ensure your campaign is a success, read on for five tips you need to consider when conducting direct mail marketing:

1. An Offer That’s Too Good to Refuse

With any marketing technique, the intention is to grab the attention of potential customers. To best achieve this, the promotional effort should deliver an offer which is too good for them to refuse.

With this in mind, your direct mail marketing campaign should be based around a call to action. For an idea as to what the call to action can entail, this could be a limited time discount coupon. Other proposals could be an invitation to a contest, advertising a new line of products, or offering a reward to customers for responding to the mail.

2. Test the Market

Before you go all out with your direct mail campaign, your best bet is to first test the market. Send out the mail to a small section of the market you’re targeting. By doing this, you gain an accurate gauge as to the effectiveness of your mailing materials — and without splashing out on a full-blown campaign.

This is particularly important if the direct mail doesn’t perform as expected. It will give you the chance to tweak the material for better results.

3. Always Proofread

It’s a simple one, but it is imperative you double check the content of your direct mail. You should proofread thoroughly to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes. If there are any, it goes without saying this will reflect badly on your company.

4. Promote Your Online Platforms

While there’s certainly still a place for physical marketing, the world is increasingly shifting towards digital. As a result, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your online platforms with your direct mail. Advertise your website, email, and social media profiles.

For some customers, they will prefer the convenience of following up online rather than more traditional means such as phoning or mailing back. It could even be the difference between securing a sale or not.

5. Use a Direct Mail Company

If you desire, you can skip all other points and simply focus on this one. That’s because a direct mail company can cover every aspect of your mail-based marketing campaign. For example, the family-run Washington Direct Mail can help with everything from printing to distribution.

This means that, by going with a direct mail company, you can save your time and resources for other aspects of your company. Due to the expertise, processes, and connections a direct mail company boasts, it can even help cut costs.


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