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(Photo above: Chad Copeland | Photo courtesy of Chad Copeland)

Chad Copeland, an adventure and natural history photographer is a contributing photographer and director to National Geographic, BBC’s Planet Earth series, Men’s Journal and numerous other periodicals and has covered stories around the world. In 2015 Copeland photographed People of Action for Microsoft’s Windows 10 that now live on over six billion devices worldwide; guiding the brand’s image. Microsoft hired Chad because he maintains the foundation of authenticity in his images at first capture so the work between camera to canvas is minimal. An observer’s experience of the art represents what was present at the moment the image was captured.
Chad’s photography expertise and lifelong outdoor adventure spirit combine to provide breathtaking images from air, land and sea. He prepares for all expeditions with rigorous training in anticipation of all challenges allowing space and time for him to “get the shot”. These strengths and strategies have earned him international awards and recognition. The content that Copeland creates, tells a story that few have the opportunity to experience firsthand making him a leader in content delivery around the world. Chad has produced and directed feature content for the 2016 NBC Olympics, NETFLIX Original Series, Top Golf, ESPN, TESLA the Seattle Space Needle and a plethora of global clients.
Chad’s love for nature and storytelling has compelled him to share those stories with others from a humble perspective. His images of nature captures the ever-changing natural history from all corners of the planet. Home for Chad has always been the Pacific Northwest. Central Oregon teams with the beauty and adventure inherent to the Pacific Northwest making this enchanting region the ideal location for the Copeland Gallery.
The abundance of mountain ranges, lakes and rivers in Central Oregon is as inspiring as the community that lives here. Copeland hopes to give back to the community that supports these natural resources by sharing visuals with locals and tourists that come from around the world to enjoy it and support the local economy. Chad has combed through visual archives captured on assignments for National Geographic and many others to present at Copeland Gallery. Fine art prints that will be available in limited quantities. Central Oregon is full of incredible stories and Chad’s approach to storytelling begins with interfacing with the wild and learning from native inhabitants embedded in the region. Care is given to the overall arrangement of visual elements in a story and the ability to “get the shot” is what set Chad’s work apart. Copeland’s specific training, experience and set of skills are what he is passionate about sharing with others. Mentoring others and helping them achieve their dreams has always been a source of great pride and leading photography workshops and the Copeland Adventure Series is a perfect platform. Local Adventures will be offered Saturdays for four hours, mornings and evenings; Photography Adventures.


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