How to Host a Great Outdoor Corporate Event


Hosting corporate events can be a great time to accomplish a variety of things. Thanking important clients and giving them a great night out can work wonders for client retention. Staff appreciation can also be an important part of this event as retaining top talent at the company can ensure future success. Finally, the ultimate aspect of hosting a corporate event whether it is a conference or industry gathering is attracting new clients. Conferences can be the perfect time to showcase knowledge in front of a relevant demographic. Hosting an outdoor event is going to be risky if you do not take the proper precautions. Rain can be the ultimate problem as people rarely want to dress up just to get soaked. Below are tips to host a great outdoor corporate event that could become an annual staple of an industry.

Building the Ultimate Guest List

The guest list could be the most important factor of the corporate event. This could be an event where the company is focused on signing new clients. Inviting current clients and showing them appreciation is important. This can allow potential clients to see how much the company values its clients. The truth is that many companies will work with another company for years due to personal rapport built. The event can be a time to bond with a client which will make it that much more difficult if they decide to take their business elsewhere. Valued members of the staff should be invited. This is essential if they communicate directly with clients that are attending the event.

Selecting a Great Venue

The location of the corporate event needs to impress those that are attending. Hosting the event on a local professional football field is done by larger companies. In states like Florida and California, there are plenty of outdoor event spaces due to the warm weather. The venue should also provide food as managing caterers can be a gamble if you have not worked with them previously. Parking is also important to consider as otherwise, you might need to rent charter buses to transport attendees.

You Need an Outdoor Tent

Finding a company that provides large tent rentals needs to be done carefully. You want to make sure that the company not only sets the tent up but also picks up the tent. The last thing a company wants is staff to be scrambling to set up the tent before the event starts. Not only would this scramble make the event look like it was arranged by amateurs but it could be potentially dangerous if the tent is erected incorrectly. The tent can help combat rain and can act as shade over food that is provided. A company does not want food sitting in the sun for hours on end and potentially spoiling. The shade can also be perfect in hotter climates when combined with large outdoor fans.

Red Carpet and Photo Backdrop

Going to an event should be fun for everyone attending whether it is a client, prospect, or staff. A red carpet is a great touch that you can invest in at an affordable rate that will make attendees feel special. A photo backdrop can be a great way to document the event and even enlist some sponsors for the event. Hiring a photographer is going to be essential as you do not want blurry photos due to a shaky hand holding a smartphone. The photographer should ask for names so the pictures can easily be sent to attendees.


The budget is going to play a huge factor in any event that you are hosting. The venue being located outdoors is likely going to save the company a bit of money. The one aspect of this that you do not want to forget is the hidden or unexpected costs. Putting money aside for an emergency fund for the event is wise. Booking a backup venue should also be done as the last thing you want is to cancel the event after paying for tent rental and food.

Pick the Right Time of Year

Outdoor events can be impacted by weather so avoid times of the year where rain is common. You do not want to host the event in the scorching heat either so the fall or spring is likely the best time for the event. The summer also can be tough to throw an event due to people planning vacations due to children being out of school.

Hosting the best event of the year in an industry can lead attendees to want to attend annually. This can be a great opportunity for a startup in a business niche or an established company looking to expand their business.


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