Why Marketing is Also Important in Medical Field


We can all agree to the fact that that social media has quickly transitioned from a well-used buzzword to becoming the state of the internet. As a matter of fact, there are over 3,1 billion social media users across the globe. An ecosystem that has facilitated the majority of our communications, and thus, the majority of our people. From students and executives to lawyers and physicians. They are all available online, consuming each others content, making it no surprise that $51,3 billion USD has been spent on social media advertising by companies from all industries in 2017. Including the medical field. But isn’t the medical field too much of a traditional and bureaucratic industry for it to be using flamboyant 21st-century marketing strategies? Not really. Here are 3 key reasons as to why the medical field should be prioritizing digital marketing approaches.

The majority of people you want to target are available on social media.

It’s true! The majority of your customers will be available online browsing the web trying to find physicians to treat them. Yet you’re considering not spending advertising dollars on digital marketing? Social media marketing is truly underpriced attention, allowing you to reach tens of thousands of a specific demographic, for under $100. Tell me where else you can find that return on investment? Your customer’s attention is online, and so should yours.

Your candidates are looking for similar jobs, online.

According to TopResume, 73 percent of companies today have used social media to successfully recruit and hire candidates. And that is of course because 45% of job seekers search for jobs daily on their mobile devices, online. It is therefore crucial for physicians and other stakeholders in the medical field to constantly create and share new and insightful narratives about themselves and the work they are doing. Educate your future candidates and customer about where you are located, how they can get in touch with you and what services you provide. Maybe even introducing FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or launching a podcast where you answer a medical related question. And by continually sharing relevant information and content with your community, it will primarily establish credibility, both online and in person.

In an online world, offline communication is still attractive.

We can sometimes get stuck in our new, old ways believing that the only way to find and attract new customers or talent is by spending marketing dollars on digital media. Forgetting that a handshake or a short conversation is a lot more memorable and impactful than a Facebook ad. Especially in the medical field where customers want to see and trust the people behind a certain medical service. Make sure to attend annual conferences and network with your people. Business cards might sound old-fashioned but still, work like a charm. Even holding monthly free seminars to a group of physicians or potential clients is still incredibly impactful, allowing you to develop that personal relationship with your targeted audience than an ad would never do.

We live in such a fast-paced society where things are constantly moving and changing, forcing you to change with it, or becoming part of the past. Changes are everywhere, making it a priority for healthcare companies to make use of dynamic physician practice marketing approaches. The world is constantly adapting & evolving, and so should your strategies. Adapt, adopt and rethink your strategies.



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