NetEnt Revolution: Is Starburst The Most Popular Online Slot Ever?


The online casino industry is booming, with hundreds of online video slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other games being actively played by millions of people worldwide. The most popular type of games is definitely slots which are being improved and upgraded by slot development companies with every passing moment.

Most popular online casinos nowadays are partnered up with NetEnt, a casino games provider that supplies their business partners with the best online slots. Whenever you land on one such casino, chances are that you will see the Starburst slot game being promoted as the most popular NetEnt game.

NetEnt’s Approach to Slot Creation

Just like every other slot provider on the web, NetEnt is driven by innovation, meaning that they always want to offer something new and unique with every game they release. Online slots are fertile ground for experimentation as they are quite simple to play, and slot aficionados love testing new and exciting features of online casino games.

However, the main thing that attracts people to certain online video slots is their title and theme. Therefore, NetEnt always strives to create their slots as catchy as possible, sometimes even using popular movies, games, characters, celebrities, and more for their creations. Apart from the theme, slot providers pay a lot of attention to the design of their games, even applying certain psychological tricks to keep players’ focus on the game, according to this article.

On the other hand, the title Starburst doesn’t really have a distinctive theme that would capture your attention right away. Furthermore, its design is quite simple, and it seems that there are not many tricks used in this game. One cannot help but wonder — how come that such a game has become one of the most popular online video slots?

Simple Yet Effective Design

Sometimes, slot developers go the other way around and opt to make games that are neither complicated nor shiny, and one such title is Starburst. Although it includes precious stones as main in-game symbols, they are not the first thing that captures players’ attention. In fact, what strikes as impressive is the fact that the diamonds are set in space, resembling stars. Combining the colorful symbols with the spacey background makes players relaxed, hence a sort of therapeutic experience.

On top of that, the background music is filled with various electronic instruments, such as synthesizers, which give you the feeling of cruising through space in a supersonic spaceship.

The Old and the New

Precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and others, have been many slot developers’ main source of inspiration, as these are often associated with good fortune, which is an important factor when playing online slots. Therefore, many companies use jewelry as symbols on the reels in order to attract more players and keep them occupied.

However popular, this type of approach became slightly outdated as many developers had started experimenting with other symbols which are unrelated to either diamonds or fruits in any way. NetEnt, however, decided to combine the old and the new, incorporating the traditional slot symbols into a modern environment. In other words, the entire game looks and feels modern, yet seeing diamonds, bars, and 7s on the reels tells us otherwise.

It was a bet that NetEnt had made, and it seems that they won it. Games like Starburst aim to attract the old slot players who are accustomed to bars and 7s, as well as the new ones who don’t like playing games with outdated symbols and features. However, such titles often have an opposite effect as both sides refuse to play it because of the elements that they don’t like.

But NetEnt’s designers did an outstanding job, incorporating all the elements into a single entity and creating a unique online video slot experience for all generations.

Alternatives to Starburst?

Slots are often made using tested formulas and themes which are already popular. You can try one such example called Pharaohs Fortune on Slot Spinners. Ancient Egypt has inspired many slot creators ever since the original Book of Ra. Just like Starburst, Pharaohs Fortune mixes the old and the new, offering a unique perspective to what seems to be a traditional video slot theme.


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