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Acquisition Set to Revitalize Full-Service Print & Mailing Provider

Long-time Bend-based secure print and mailing specialist Moonlight Business Process Outsourcing is looking to widen exposure to its services following the company’s acquisition by an Indiana-based investment group.

Moonlight BPO, which was at one time known as Moonlight Mailing, was first established in Bend in 1985 and has been purchased from long-time owner Brenda Grigsby by Lakewind Investments, helmed by mergers and acquisitions experts Rob and George Van Vliet.

Lakewind is known for providing private capital for business and real estate investment and for specializing in acquiring niche companies with growth and “value-add” potential.

Following the takeover, a spokesman commented, “Lakewind Investments is an investment firm founded on the belief its experience in investing, managing and growing companies can help others. 

“As a privately funded firm, we hold greater flexibility in deal pursuit, structuring and exit timing. We seek to invest in quality businesses and support management teams in creating value for all parties involved.

“We believe successful investments such as this incorporate excellent companies with great management teams, with the opportunity for us to add value through our operating expertise and financial resources. 

“Since we prefer to not participate in the daily management, we serve as active advisers for managers to help navigate and grow the business.”

Lakewind will take on a mentorship role, supporting operations, strategy and development of Moonlight BPO, which provides full-service print to mail business solutions for customers in all industries — with a particular focus on services for customers with confidential information in addition to general bulk printing orders.

Ellen Koch, who has been in the print mail outsourcing industry for some 38 years, and has been brought in to oversee operations as vice president of Moonlight BPO, said, “With the new ownership and direction as part of a knowledgeable management team, we want to maximize the company’s potential and also make it more visible than maybe it has been in the past by getting the word out more about the services and support we can offer. 

“I have seen a lot of changes in the industry and the idea of what mail is and how it moves is constantly evolving in the face of declining first-class mail numbers and an increase in standard mail usage.”

Standard Mail, also known as “bulk mail,” is processed by the U.S. Postal Service on a “time available” basis and used more for advertisements and mass communication, rather than first class mail, which is more targeted to personal or business correspondence.

Koch added, “This is a fast-paced and deadline oriented industry and there is a constant need to keep up with advancements in the electronic age modifying the line-up of services and we prioritize staying up to speed on the knowledge base and latest technology.

“It is important to stay close to all of the top organizations that keep in the loop on the leading edge of changes through first-hand expertise.

“We plan on further investment in new technology as the industry changes the way things are produced and the how marketing mail moves, including software support and training.”

Koch said Moonlight can help companies’ efficiencies in multiple ways, including offering ‘snap pack’ mailers as a cost-effective direct mail marketing solution. These mailers are pressure sealed and perforated on two or three sides for quick and easy opening, often for important and time-sensitive messages within. 

She added, “We have a lot of bandwidth regarding capacity and are looking to widen exposure to the range of services we can offer, and really revitalize the business platform.

“For instance, companies may not know that we offer a daily mail service which can be of great benefit to local businesses. Rather than the company using, say, a small meter, we can set up a daily mail pick-up timeframe convenient to the customer by adding them to driver routes and we meter, sort and drop off the mail at the post office the same day. 

“This helps client productivity and is a cheaper option given we can obtain more competitive rates through our partnership with the Postal Service, and is of special relevance given the current Covid pandemic situation and the prioritizing of remote working scenarios wherever possible.

“We also provide transactional printing and mailing services for companies both locally and nationwide. Monthly invoices, bills and statements are necessary in order to keep any business running; however, managing, printing, designing and mailing such financial statements can consume valuable time and money that could be allocated towards other aspects of one’s business. 

“With our cutting-edge equipment and security certifications, we can guarantee an easy and cost-efficient solution to eliminate the hassle and burden of invoice and statement mailing.

“We can also scan data for electronic storage and store the original hard copies or destroy documents on the customer’s behalf once information has been digitally input.

“Currently we are looking at reconfiguring our Bend base and assessing where the value lies in current services, and if it makes sense to continue one service versus another. 

“We want to build on, for instance, the amount of daily mail clients and raise our profile regarding the range of services we can offer. Along these lines, we are undertaking assessment regarding selling and marketing logistics, and aim to revitalize the company and take it to the level of where it should be.”

About Moonlight BPO

Moonlight Business Process Outsourcing provides printing, scanning, data processing, high-speed variable laser imaging, folding, inserting and mail presorting services. It processes statements, collection letters, marketing letters and other time-sensitive notices for clients on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition to traditional imaging and mailing, the company offers Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments (EBPP) solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs. Since its inception, Moonlight BPO has been serving print to mail clients nationally and internationally. The wide range of business process outsourcing services offered includes: Personalized direct marketing to statement and document printing; Certified imaging and data processing; Mail reply response services; Medical statement and invoice printing and mailing; Statement printing and mailing; Electronic statement delivery and notifications and TransPromo (transaction promotional) mailings. Whether looking to get a message to a wide range of potential customers with a direct mail campaign, or just to print up some professional documents, the team at Moonlight BPO can provide expert assistance to successfully complete assignments. • 866-348-9791


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