Popularity of Gambling Worldwide


Gambling continues to grow in stature with each day. Today, the industry estimates in terms of value indicate that it is worth $46 billion as of 2017. Growth in revenue, possible losses, and great wins will continue as long as the industry remains in operation. All the greatness of this industry is attributed to its level of popularity worldwide. The question everyone is asking is just how popular is the gambling industry or world at a global scale?

Gambling Tourism

Tourism gambling is one of the boost factors that have ensured the popularity of gambling around the world. People travel across the globe to experience what it means to gamble. Visiting gambling legend towns and cities such as Macau, Singapore, Cambodia, Monaco, and Las Vegas has become an everyday norm. In 2016, Las Vegas in Nevada recorded over forty million tourists. Their main interest in the town is gambling. However, there are other attractions, such as the beautiful night lights that characterize the city at night.

Variety of Gaming Options

Gambling provides the most comprehensive array of gaming options for any person all over the world. That means you can play any game that you put your focus on. Besides, you can start by playing free game samples before becoming an expert and trying out real casino games. The variety of casino games availed in the gambling world include casino games like roulette, card games (poker, baccarat, blackjack among others), gambling machines e.g., slots, sports gaming, and iGaming.

Continuous Increase in Revenue


Getting a feel of who is gambling more on an individual scale is one of the ways of determining how popular the gambling world has become. However, it’s difficult to give a proper determination due to the unaccounted brick and mortar gamblers around the world. Therefore, lets us look at the revenue generated as a result of different gambling games and gaming sites. In 2016, Las Vegas recorded gambling profits of $385 billion. With such an amount of revenue in benefits, many businesses have established gambling sites all over the world. The move has further propelled gambling popularity also.


There is nothing that gives an adrenaline rush than the satisfaction of doing things, including but not limited to business activities or even transactions. Receiving high-quality services while at the comfort of your home is something that everyone looks forward. Lying on your cozy bed, with reliable internet connection while playing your favorite online casino game, is thrilling and exciting. There are no distractions that pull you from the competition. Besides, there is reliability in the platform used as they utilize the most advanced technologies available. With all of these convenient factors that characterize the gambling industry, its popularity continues to grow.


Much more is expected from the gambling industry. Studies indicate the expected growth in 2024 to have reached $94 billion about the industry value. With such kind of growth, we should expect much more in popularity from this industry in the coming years.


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