A Spotlight on a Mazen Al Sawwaf Community Project with Vast Investment Potential


The air is rife with excitement as the fledgling Victoria City in Morocco nears its completion date of June 2018. Its architecture is just as it was initially envisioned by the collaborative efforts of Mazen Al Sawwaf and business associates. The freshly minted city holds an unbroken promise of a thriving mecca of commerce and is destined to ultimately be the spotlight of worldwide attention. This groundbreaking community focused project could not have come at a better time for it is slated to be the dawning age of a revitalization for Morocco that has of late gone stagnant with dwindling tourism and lack of modern amenities to attract millennials and those with an eye for novel business prospects. As the world hurls along into the future of technological advances so must cultures keep pace to avoid extinction.

This extraordinary community project offers not only a self-sustaining human biome which has social equality at its core but the potential to create a strong hub of business ventures. Here, a group of individuals such as Mazen Al Sawwad who are dedicated to social advancement and increased business opportunities tackled the daunting task of how to create multifunctional modern communities that not only boosts social equality and provides affordable housing but also provides marketing opportunities for dauntless investors. This is a seemingly residential and commercial symbiotic relationship.

Mazen Al Sawwaf envisioned a partnership that opens an unconventional pathway to multiple sources of revenue and this is how the vision of Victoria City materialized. This social experiment that has been tested in other parts of the world so its success is definitely assured. In addition to stimulating the local and global economy and creating an aesthetic environment it entices other businesses to the region as bees to pollen to take advantage of a potentially profitable venue. It also provides a safe oasis of affordable housing for local residents irrespective of income.

This strong liaison between business partners will create an ecomomic in vigoration of the region. Victoria City will influence on how cities are designed and operate. Affordable housing is a major issue in many cities and there is a notable separation between economic classes. This is an opportunity to plant the seed of a novel idea and watch it takes root. This project is a symbol of diversity in every respect. A new blood transfusion is needed to sustain the rapid decline of city economic. The allure of this project is heavy and will set investors hearts aglow. This will be a win-win for all those involved. The compelling news breaks of its success it will provide the world with a stunning visage of what is possible.

The idea of urban and suburban areas without regional demarcation of social status has always been a dream of mankind. Here, it can be transformed from dreams cape into reality with the combined resources of businesses looking for a way to enhance society at large and to be able to turn a profit. It looks like this scheme is foolproof. This will inevitably change the economic outlook for lose lackluster regions of the world that are losing clout but with a project like this can ultimately thrive with the right political and business connections. How business opportunities are created. It will encounter challenges at the beginning but this is right kind of intervention.


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  1. Glad to know about the economic development. I really enjoy architecture and would have loved to see an image, even if just of the design.

  2. Victoria City is surely rife with investment opportunities for individual and corporate investors. Mazen Al Sawwaf is a visionary.

  3. These word are true, “The idea of urban and suburban areas without regional demarcation of social status has always been a dream of mankind “. i’m waiting to this.i will definitely support this project.

  4. “This will inevitably change the economic outlook for lose lackluster regions of the world” This, right here, this is what we need, and now.

  5. A society without social status limitations is an amazing idea. I look forward to seeing this progress into something amazing.

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