City Council Votes in Favor of Bend Central District Vision


(Rendering of the type of built environment this decision will make possible | Rendering courtesy of Central Oregon LandWatch BCD Initiative)

After more than a decade of city planning and over two and a half years of community organizing, the vision for a vibrant, healthy and inclusive Bend Central District is within reach!

Last night, the Bend City Council voted 6-1 (Councilor Moseley dissenting) to create an urban renewal area to use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to fund the projects and programs called for in the Core Area Plan. More than 100 people weighed in to support the BCD vision — with diverse perspectives ranging from the Council on Aging’s call for age-friendly cities to the Bend Chamber of Commerce’s support for more housing for employees in the area. View public comments here.

Thank you for everything you have done to help make this exciting win possible. Let’s show the Councilors who supported the BCD vision that we appreciate their vote for a vibrant, sustainable future in the heart of Bend. 

Now, Central Oregon LandWatch’s BCD Initiative has our work cut out for us. We must continue facilitating community leadership and advocate for an implementation process that leads to a more equitable City as the BCD is revitalized. 

Celebrate this success with us by supporting LandWatch’s work to build healthy communities for Central Oregon’s future.

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