How Preventative Care Can Save You Money


As a business owner, you understand the importance of staying within a budget, and this financial sense is something you likely carry over to your personal life. While you try to separate expenses for business and for personal, the lines can blur sometimes. For example, health checkups are in your best health interests, but if you are not in good health, then you cannot do your work to full capacity. Whether you consider it a personal or business expense, preventative care can save you money. Here’s why.

Fix a Dental Issue Early – Or Prevent It Altogether

When you make time for regular checkups with your dentist, the professional can assess the condition of your teeth and gums. If they spot a problem, which they are trained to do during the cleaning appointment, then they can suggest a treatment plan to stop the issue while it’s still in the first stages.

By attacking the problem early, you can avoid expensive bills that would otherwise come over time from procedures to fix gum problems, loose teeth, built-up plaque, and more. With time, dental conditions can worsen if they are not given the needed attention.

Furthermore, when you go for regular checkups at, you can trust that you are receiving quality care, and the dentist will keep you in good oral health. The routine cleaning process removes any plaque and tartar built up since the last appointment on the teeth and gums. Doing so keeps dangerous bacteria from growing in your mouth, which could otherwise lead to many problems over time.

Getting Health Screenings

Another way you can save money is by getting screenings for certain health conditions, such as diabetes or breast cancer. These tests are especially important if your family has a history of the illness.

While there is an initial cost for testing, it is in your best financial interests to get it done now rather than later. By finding out you have a condition like diabetes, you can manage it effectively with regular doctor visits and change your lifestyle if the doctor recommends it. You can start to implement a special eating plan early in life and even prevent getting a certain disease, in some cases.

According to, people diagnosed with diabetes have about $16,750 in medical expenses annually. By avoiding complications and seeing your doctor regularly, you can reduce that amount if you are found to have the condition.

That makes sense not only from a health perspective but also a business one. If you cannot run your company because you are ill, you will likely lose a lot of sales. Plus, if the medical bills are high, you might have to dip into your savings, and that can mean you have little left to invest in your business.

Final Thoughts: Prevention is a Money Saver

When you look at it from the viewpoints above, prevention makes monetary sense. There are both direct and indirect costs of neglecting to see the dentist or a primary care physician. For your personal health and the sake of your business, stay on top of your health by getting regular dental checkups and medical screenings.


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