How to Start and Market a Subscription Box Business


There’s no denying that subscription boxes are among the best shopping methods available. Consumers discover new brands, experience unique products and themes. In addition, subscription boxes buyers check the mail with fun.

Subscription commerce is a proven business model that can be tailored to all niches. There’s a good chance your subscription box can revolve around an existing product.

How do you start a subscription box business?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a subscription box business.

Selecting a Niche or Product

This list begins with the most straightforward and crucial step. But many people overlook it because it can be challenging. Although you might have an idea of what you want in the box, how carefully have you studied your niche?

In a saturated market, how will your box stand out?

Finding a void in an overly saturated market is crucial when it comes to starting a subscription box. So what do you plan to do for your box to stand out?

Selling products not yet offered in competitor boxes is a great way to set yourself apart in your chosen niche. That does not mean that you cannot have competition or overlap in your business. It’s all about being creative and delivering new and unique services.

Is your niche clear to you?

Niche markets are defined as specific markets for products or services. A few examples are food, beauty products, and pet supplies.

Be specific when choosing your niche. To illustrate, you could break down the niches above into sub-niches. Examples can be keto snacks, Korean beauty products, and dog toys.

Create a specialized box for your target market.  You can maximize customer retention and create a great customer experience this way.

Conduct Your Research


You want to find a niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition. By doing so, you can fill a need or enhance your competitors’ products. But, unfortunately, you can only measure your box’s viability by examining your competitors.

There is plenty of room and demand for subscription boxes. You can find your competitors by searching for keywords that relate to your niche. Answering questions like these will help you with your research.

  • How many boxes compete with you?
  • How much do they charge, and what do they offer?
  • What makes your box different from theirs?


Your next step will be selecting a product supplier, but many of them will not be willing to work with you. A small number of sellers will want to negotiate a discount price with a new box on the market.

Thanks to your competitors, you don’t have to research yourself, saving you plenty of time. In addition, you can contact and negotiate with your competitor’s suppliers. Thus, you can enjoy the same benefits your competitors have without lengthy negotiation.

Don’t rely only on the products your competitors use. We want you to create a product that is unique and improved. Then, use them as the basis of your negotiations for new and exciting products and brands.


Most people overlook choosing a box when they start a subscription box business. Instead, people are mainly concerned with what products they will ship.

If you follow your supplier research, you will have a good idea about what products you can ship monthly. To calculate the packaging size, you will need to pack all the products you will be sending. You will need to create a template for the number and size of each product.

A successful business is a result of considering every aspect of your business. One of the most important things to consider is the company that supplies your packaging.

The box must be cost-effective for shipping. Additionally, you should ship a box that each month makes getting and opening it a surprise. Choose a packaging company that offers the perfect combination of quality and price.


If you’re just starting or a new business, you can ship the boxes yourself. Nevertheless, if you want to compete with the big players, consider hiring a fulfillment firm. They can manage the logistics of shipping your boxes each month.

When it comes to fulfillment, you will want to shop around. Many companies such as Red Stag can help you save hundreds of hours per month. In addition, they can free up your time to pursue other business goals.

If your supplier is located in another country, make sure that your fulfilment center can help you out just like how Pop A Shot did with their big items.


Mispricing a subscription box is one of the biggest mistakes an owner can make. Pricing too low or too high to maximize profit margins will affect your business.

Typically, a price with a 40% profit margin would be considered sustainable.

Sample Your Box

Having your first shipment ready before you begin marketing is a common misconception. It can delay your preparation for the launch.

The purpose of a sample box is to showcase the products subscribers will be receiving each month.

Create an image library that you can later use on your website. Then, use the images on your landing page and social media accounts to generate buzz.

Sample boxes don’t have to contain the same materials you will ship in your first month. But they should match the quantity, quality, and value you intend to deliver once you launch.

Pre Launch Your Box

Now that you have your main components in place, it’s time to start reaching your target customers.

First, get some email signups or pre-subscriptions to confirm your subscription box business. People want to be a part of something that is talked about and creates excitement.

Next, start creating your online presence. Then, when your subscription box business launches, everyone will be eager to be a part of it.

Set Up Your Website

Subscription box businesses are built upon websites and serve as the face of the company. Every aspect of your business revolves around your site, from marketing to customer service.

Set up your website to boost your online presence and start collecting email signups.

Email Signup

A potential customer shows interest in your business and provides an email address. Email signups show interest in your business and could help validate your concept. Then, when you launch, you can contact these people.

Market Listing

There are many market listings available online for subscription box fans. Look for the best marketplace where you can maximize your box’s potential.

Content Marketing

Subscription box marketing is almost impossible without content. Thus, a good content strategy is vital. It brings new subscribers and keeps existing ones entertained.

Your subscription box model will determine the best approach to content creation. In addition, you will find many marketing tips to be effective for different stages. Experiment with as many as you can.

Marketing Your Box

To grow your business, you need to continue scaling it. Word-of-mouth referrals are the most efficient way to do this. In addition, studies show customers who their peers refer are more inclined to become supporters of your brand.

Referrals aren’t the only marketing tools you can put in place. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and influencer marketing are all tried-and-true methods.

Keeping Your Existing Clients

Most subscription box companies focus on acquiring customers rather than keeping existing customers satisfied. In reality, signing up new customers is far more expensive than retaining old ones. Despite this, many brands still do not understand how valuable current subscribers are.

You can keep your customers happy by providing excellent customer service. There will always be problems, especially when you’re a new business. The way you handle these challenges will determine your success.


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