inMotion Training Studio is Celebrating 15 Years


inMotion Training Studio, a staple in the Central Oregon fitness industry, is thrilled to announce its triumphant 15-year anniversary milestone. This celebration marks not only a decade and a half of empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals but also a resilient journey through the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Founded in 2008 by Shannon Segerstrom a fourth generation Bendite, inMotion Training Studio has been a beacon of health and wellness, offering innovative fitness solutions to our community. However, like many businesses, the studio faced its fair share of hurdles during the pandemic. Forced closures, shifting regulations, and the overall uncertainty of the times necessitated a reevaluation of our traditional approach.

Rather than succumbing to the difficulties, inMotion Training Studio embraced the opportunity to evolve. We recognized the changing landscape of fitness and reimagined our model to better meet the needs of our valued clients. As a result, we shifted from traditional classes to a more personalized and intimate setting with our Small Group Personal Training format.

This transformation allowed us to maintain a strong connection with our community while prioritizing safety and individualized attention along with a way to afford personal training. Our dedicated team of certified trainers is committed to providing a tailored experience for every participant, ensuring that each workout is not only effective but also enjoyable and personalized. We recognized that not everybody should be going the same workout due to goals, injuries, lifestyle, ability and age.

“Most group classes utilize a one size fits all approach that isn’t ideal for many of our participants. Because each person is unique and comes to us with a variety of needs based on multiple factors including exercise experience, injuries, lifestyle, goals and more.  Our goal is to take care of the individual needs of each participant while still allowing them to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a group class. We have accomplished this through a unique system that allows people to work on their weaknesses and at their current skill level with our Tailored Strength Semi-Private PT and Small Group Personal Training. We then use our metabolic conditioning, mobility, barre, yoga trapeze and other classes to provide an overall program that includes conditioning and recovery to their personalized strength sessions.” Members are given all the tools necessary to reach their goals including nutrition information, goal setting sessions, assessments & measurements, expert coaching, and weekly classes.

The success of this pivot underscores our commitment to adaptability and resilience. inMotion Training Studio is proud to have weathered the storm and emerged stronger, more focused, and better equipped to serve our clients in this new era of fitness.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, inMotion Training Studio is hosting a special anniversary event on December 1, 2023 from 4-6pm. This event will feature exclusive promotions, exciting giveaways, health practitioners ( Eve from Midtown Acupuncture and Dr. Michelle Jackson ND) along with a few other guest appearances. We will showcase our innovative Small Group Personal Training sessions that have become the cornerstone of our fitness approach.

As we reflect on the past 15 years, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal clients, dedicated staff, and the community that has supported us through thick and thin. inMotion Training Studio looks forward to the next chapter of our fitness journey, continuing to inspire and transform lives for many years to come.


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