Introducing Stroke Warrior Radio —The Ultimate Motivational & Support Tool for Stroke Survivors & Their Families


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Stroke survivors and their families now have a new tool for motivation, education, and support through their recovery, Stroke Warrior Radio. This groundbreaking internet radio station is the first of its kind to offer a cloud-based platform for stroke survivors, caregivers, and loved ones to come together and turn their setbacks into success stories.

Stroke Warrior Radio will provide a supportive community that helps stroke survivors get through the difficult process’ of recovery. With a wide variety of shows, interviews, and programs; Stroke Warrior Radio will inspire, inform, and support the listeners through content from physical, occupational, and mental health therapists, medical providers, Stroke Warriors, and nutritionists, co-mingled with music and humor.

The radio station was founded by local businessman and stroke survivor, Ralph Cortese. The primary goal is to create a more accessible platform that helps stroke warriors, and their loved ones stay motivated, informed, and connected throughout their journey. He will host the morning show Catch the W.A.V.E. (Warriors Achieving Victories Everyday); a motivational and inspirational beginning to each day.

The fifth leading cause of death in the United States and the number one cause of permanent disability worldwide, stroke is a medical emergency.  Cortese states, “Stroke happens to one in five people: to anyone, any age, any gender, any time.”  “Stroke Warrior Radio aims to become the go-to source for education, motivation and support for the stroke community,” adds Cortese.

Feature shows will provide information for the prevention of stroke. All additional shows will help guide those who have recently had a stroke with information about job changes, insurance, and patient and family expectations. Cortese says, “Stroke Warrior Radio will provide information to all impacted by stroke with respect to minimal and misunderstood resources that are currently available.”  He continues, “Listeners will begin to understand they are not the only ones searching for information, answers, and support in their recovery.”

If not for Stroke Awareness Oregon, support groups, and therapists challenging him, Cortese doesn’t believe he would be as far as he is now. He is excited to share his recovery possibilities even after six years. He adds,  “I wish more of this kind of information was available to assist in my early recovery.” “It is our objective to share the knowledge we have learned in our recoveries with others so they can self-advocate as well,” states Cortese.

The cloud-based platform makes it easy for survivors and their loved ones to access quality content from anywhere at any time. The easy-to-use interface allows for effortless navigation of Stroke Warrior Radio’s growing library of inspiring and educational programming.

The launch of Stroke Warrior Radio is a clear indication of the growing need to support stroke survivors and their loved ones through their recovery journey. The station is proud to offer stroke survivors the tools necessary to maintain their motivation and improve their overall quality of life.

Join the community of stroke survivors and their loved ones today. Tune in at the launch on May 29, 2023, at 7am at

About Ralph Cortese — Stroke Warrior Wave Communications, LLC dba, Stroke Warrior Radio, Executive Producer Stroke Warrior:
Ralph Cortese is a semi-retired businessman who moved to Bend, Oregon, in March 2022 to be near family. His background includes sale management with a major insurance company and vice-president and partner in regional employment agencies in Arizona. Prior to moving to Bend, Ralph had construction businesses in Arizona, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. He currently manages Southside Storage in Bend and is the founder of Stroke Warrior Radio.

After having a stroke in October 2015, Ralph became involved with Stroke Awareness Oregon (SAO) upon arriving in Central Oregon. He attributes the most significant strides in his stroke recovery to the support he received from SAO and the opportunity to get involved by leading the monthly Men’s Support Group. He also credits quality physical therapy at St. Charles Health System and Spark Rehab and Wellness with his ongoing recovery.

Ralph’s commitment to public service goes back to coaching youth and high school sports, Director of Christian Education, and involvement with the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Ralph is a widower, has three daughters, a son, and eleven grandchildren. He credits his family for his continued recovery through their acceptance, without any stigma attached to his stroke. He believes that he must share his own recovery lessons with others. Ralph states, “I wish there had been more of this information available during my early recovery.”


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