Man and a Van Delivery Services For Your House Removal Needs


Shopping for the best moving companies is a lot of work. Whether you are looking for national movers such as Shift or local-based movers, you need to be sure of the kind of services you need. Before you make a blind step, go through this piece, and learn how to get some of the best delivery services in your city or residence.

Confirm How Long They Have Been in Business

If you are talking to a new company to the market, it is hard to identify whether they can provide excellent services. For the complicated international or national moves, you must only choose a company that has served in the market for at least five years.

But if you are looking for a simple local move, then you don’t have to dig too much for details. However, it would help if you still were sure that they have the right moving equipment to handle your valuables.

Use Licensed and Insured Moving Companies

If you choose a moving company that is not insured or licensed, your items will be at a huge risk. Check the company’s website if you are not sure how to confirm that they are licensed and insured. Once on the official site, go to the About Us or Homepage section. In either of these sections, many companies will list their DoT (Department of Transportation). If you can’t find any information, ask the company for proof of their certification. They won’t hesitate sharing proof of license and insurance if they have any.

The Moving Services the Company Offers

You must know the services that you will get from your preferred moving company. A good moving company should provide in-house moving services within their area of operation. However, the movers might not handle specialty items, especially if they do not have the right equipment to do the work.

If there are any special items that you need to move, such as pool tables, gun safes, pianos, hot tubs, etc., make sure to inform the moving company amid the quotation. Also, you need extra services such as decluttering, storage, estate cleanouts; you should inform the company ahead of time.

Look for Online Reviews

Try to read through online reviews from previous customers. This is a good way to do your homework and weigh available options. Make sure to check credible review sites since some companies might review their own sites and make them available for internet users. On credible sites, the rating is always out of 5, with five being the best and one the worst.

Since you are looking for the best moving company to help you in moving to your new home, you must avoid reading the one star and 5-star reviews. The best information always comes from 3-star reviews since they are mostly honest. They give you a chance to gain real insight into the company and its services.

Ask for Their Moving Equipment

There is an array of services that moving companies can provide. For instance, national franchises can pool heavy equipment as well as equipment from their franchises or franchisees. Some are also owned independently that can rent out vans and tracks for a single work. To know what a given company can do, be sure to ask about their equipment.

In case you have a specialty item that needs to be moved by equipment such as cranes or industrial forklift, the moving company should have the right equipment to use. If they do not have the right equipment, you want to look for a company with the right equipment to handle your special items.

The Bottom Line

If you are not sure about how to get a good moving company, then we believe that the pointers above might go a long way in helping you make an informed decision. Before signing a contract, you want to ascertain that they are licensed and insured so that your items are safe in their hands.

A good moving company must have spent at least five years in the industry unless you are not planning to move any specialty items. Note that your valuables might get spoilt if not handled the right way. Create a budget and know the amount of money you can spend on the work.


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