Reasons Why You Should Consider Using the Liquefied Natural Gas


Liquefied Natural Gas implementation as fuel helps improve the performance of inland navigation environment thanks to the LNG cleanness. The Liquefied Natural Gas does have a high potential to reduce fuel costs, which is the main inland barging factor. LNG gas is becoming more popular, with most people not aware of the great benefits it can bring to their business and people around them.

Reduction in air emissions, high modernized fleet efficiency, and increase in competitiveness will be the main basis of economic growth when creating jobs in the navigation sector.  In this piece, we will be looking at why you should consider using the Liquefied Natural Gas.

Safety Benefits

The Liquefied Natural Gas has been used as a fuel for several years. Safe usage, safe transportation, and safe storage are important requirements for any fuel with Liquefied Natural Gas, continuing to show its long track record for safety in all the regions.

Compared to LNG, where combustion occurs if there is a source of ignition that is above 537,77° C, diesel and gasoline can combust from the ignition source that is hundreds of degrees lower in temperature and can be flammable in concentrations in air.

Environmental Benefits

When compared to diesel, the typical savings on emissions that are associated with natural gas are:

  • The NOx emissions are reduced by up to 80%
  • The particulate emissions are reduced by 75%
  • Well to wheel greenhouse gas reduction of between 11 to 20%

When this natural gas is used as a vehicle fuel, the engines run quieter compared to diesel engines.Unlike the crude derived liquid fuel and crude oil, the Liquefied Natural Gas never requires remediation of soil groundwater or the surface water since it evaporates and dissipates into the air.

Economic benefits

With the costs of energy continuing to grow, it becomes more necessary to get alternative fuels. Using the Liquefied Natural Gas will not come with many environmental benefits, but it will also bring great economic savings.  Technical innovation in LNG production has helped in positioning LNG among the cheapest transportable fuels. LNG production uses subsea processing, which can encompass different processes to help in cost reduction and complexity in the development of an offshore field.


The fuel industry investors can always take advantage of business opportunities in the value chain of natural gas. It does not matter if it is upstream production and exploration; the processing of petrochemicals, LNG export, natural gas processing, and natural liquids is of great benefit. With the increase in number of companies and people using the LNG, it is highly advisable that you consider investing in the LNG as  there are high chances it will have a positive impact on your business.


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