Top 5 Tips to Host a Successful Office Party for Thanksgiving and Halloween


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than four million Americans quit their jobs in 2021, and boredom was one of the main reasons. Parties can be a great way to motivate your workforce. Office parties are a great way to ease into the holiday season and celebrate with your coworkers. Whether hosting a Halloween bash or serving up some Thanksgiving-inspired appetizers, you’ll want to ensure your office party is fun and safe for everyone involved. Here are some tips on hosting an office party to ensure it’s one people will remember.

Create a Theme

You should create a theme for your office party. It is a great way to get people excited about the event, and it’s also a helpful tool if you want to provide some structure for what people are expected to bring. If you work with many vegetarians or vegans in your office, you could create a vegan-themed potluck where everyone brings their dish, and they are labeled “vegan.”

If there is no obvious theme because everyone eats gluten-free or vegan already, then consider creating one based on the type of food served at your event. For example, a Thanksgiving potluck might have a turkey theme, Halloween parties could focus on candy, and Christmas parties could have an eggnog twist.

Decoration and Activities

Your office party’s decorations and activities should be simple but festive. While you might want to decorate the office with items that are too expensive or fragile, avoid decorating with anything too heavy and don’t put up any decorations that could damage the walls or desktops. Decors are quite essential for Halloween, as reflected by the fact that around 50% of consumers were interested in Halloween decor in 2021.

If you’re playing music during your Thanksgiving or Halloween party, make sure it is appropriate for work (not too loud) and only play songs that are appropriate for the holiday. For example, if it’s Thanksgiving, play traditional folk songs like “Turkey in the Straw” or “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” If it’s Halloween, choose something spooky like “Monster Mash” by Bobby Boris Pickett. You also can add fun games and activities to keep everyone engaged.

Try a Cool Catering Company

For the best results, you will want to find a catering company that can provide your employees with various options. You can opt for a company with cool happy hour ideas like themes, decoration, etc. All your guests can find something they like, no matter their preferences. It’s always better to have more choices than less when it comes time for people to eat.

You’ll also want to find a caterer who can provide appealing and healthy food. Your office party should always be fun and friendly, but it doesn’t hurt if it’s also healthy (and we’re not just talking about the snacks). You don’t want anyone feeling sick after eating lunch.

Host the Event at a Brewery

Hosting an office party at a brewery is a great way to add variety to your company’s annual holiday celebrations. Breweries are a natural choice for events that involve food, drink, and music, and they’re also known for having plenty of space. If you’re not interested in planning the whole thing yourself, breweries can provide catering services and event space accommodating large groups.

While there are many benefits to hosting an event at a brewery, one of the best reasons is that it gives your coworkers something new to try. Many people have never been to a brewery, so this is their chance. You could even use this opportunity to promote some new products or services from within the company itself. For example, if you make beer koozies, maybe offer those up during happy hour. The possibilities are endless when it comes down it getting creative with this type of thing.

Support a Cause By Hosting a Fundraising

A great way to get your office involved and excited about the holidays is by supporting a cause. Ask your colleagues what they would like to do, and suggest ways that you can help that are within your budget. For example, if any local charities need volunteers during the holiday season, consider hosting a bake sale or raffle at work during Thanksgiving or Halloween.

You could also host an online fundraiser instead by setting up a GoFundMe account on behalf of your company and sharing it with others via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Every year, crowdfunding raises $17.2 billion in North America. This way, employees can donate money directly into the fund without going through any red tape. They click “donate” on their phone or computer screen.


An office party is a great way to celebrate the holidays with coworkers. However, it’s important to plan and get approval from your boss. Make sure you have enough budget and time for the event and a plan for catering if you decide to host it at work.

If you want to make your event memorable and fun for everyone, consider creating a theme that ties into one of the holidays or seasons. For example, if it’s Halloween, try setting up a haunted house or having candy stations around the office with different types of sweets. You could also set up various activities throughout the day, such as bobbing for apples or pumpkin carving contests.

Whatever type of party you choose to host at work this year, make sure that ample food and drinks are available. Having freshly brewed coffee available alongside savory snacks will ensure that guests stay energized throughout their time spent socializing together while celebrating all things autumnal here at home base.


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