10 Things You Should Know About Gambling and Casino.


Nowadays, the market of online gambling exceeds $60 billion per year. It is interesting to know that some people are of no idea what online gambling is. Although it becomes a more interesting day by day, not everyone is interested in it. If you want to make your new hobby out of gambling, then this is the right article for you.

Today, we will discuss 10 main things you should know about online casino and gambling in general.

1. You have to learn the rules.

Every single casino game has the rules, which tells you the house edge. We will talk about house edge later. This is the basic thing you should do before playing any casino game, check out the rules, so you will not make stupid mistakes. Because when you make a mistake, it costs you money. It is not going to take a while, reading the rules may take up to 10 to 15 minutes of a careful understanding of each rule that game has. Even if you do not know the rules, you can just ask a dealer to make it clear. However, you should remember that sometimes one game could have different rules according to the casino where you play.

2. The House Edge

Let me briefly explain what it is. Let us have a look at the example. When you go to the bowling, you pay the fee before or after the game depending on how long you are going to play. The entry fee to the casino is free, but they make you pay for the games they provide you with. This is what house edge means. Each game has its own house edge due to mathematical calculations. In other words, the house edge is money made by casino over the long run of the game. You have to know two main things about it. The number thing to take into account is to play casino games, which have a low house edge. Thing number two is that the rules of the games may change the house edge. Blackjack is a nice game to start with. Its house edge ranges from 0.25% to 2%. You can find this game in LiveMobile99 via this link: www.livemobile99.co.

3. Please, do not play the lotteries. If you are too lucky, you may try it.

The reason why many people play in lotteries is that the casino lets you win money for the rest of your life by placing a small bet. On the other side, the odds are against you. Even if you play slot machines with jackpots, you are likely to win a better amount of money in comparison to simple lotteries.


4. Think twice before placing a side bet.

I saw many people, who place side bets on someone, who is winning. However, the problem is that when you see someone, who always wins, you place higher side bets. Nevertheless, what if he loses the next round and you placed too much money? Then all you can say is goodbye to your cash. When you know the house edge of the game, you can forget about side bets, as they do not bring you a profit.

5. You can strategies to change the house edge.

Some casino games depend on the strategies players use. If you know the winning strategy, you can easily hack the game for a while. Although you can find it difficult, everything you need to know is strategy charts and past cards on your small piece of paper.

6. You can win some casino games over the long run.

No matter how casino decided on how to get your money, there are some games where you can win only over the long run in case you know how to make this real. Even if it looks like it is difficult to win over the long run, it is still possible to do. So far, there are three spheres, where you can find a long-term win, are poker table, sports bets, and blackjack. When you play poker, you play with other players, not against the casino. Although it is difficult, when you know the rules, you are good to go. If we talk about blackjack, you can win, if you know how to count cards. It just takes time to practice, if I can do it, then you can do it better.

7. When you register, you are likely to get some deals. Do not trust them.

Many newbies in the casino receive some bonuses like one hundred free spins, or $20 free bet, or something else. This is a trap do not get there. The casino usually places some rule to achieve their bonuses. They are not beneficial for us. If you want to get one hundred free spins, you should do e.g. five hundred spins to get this offer. Are you serious? Are you really going to do all these spins? You lose more money value of five hundred spins in comparison to one hundred free spins. Do not do it, do not make my mistakes.

8. Some players cheat in games like poker.

When you get to the table, you can see that someone is always winning no matter what cards he or she has. It is weird, isn’t it? How does it happen? Some players use the software, which cannot be seen by online casinos to retrieve the algorithms of what card comes next. They use it to win or reject their cards, so they do not lose money. How to avoid them? The first thing you can do is to leave the table. Alternatively, you can report this player. There are no other solutions.


9. Do not believe everyone who writes about how to win blackjack, Russian roulette, whatever.

When you read or follow someone, who gives you, tips on how to win in a specific casino, do not trust them. This is the most common mistake newbies make. These people on forums, or on YouTube, they make money on you by attracting new customers to the casino. Be careful!

10. The last thing you should know is that not every casino has a good customer service.

Let us see the most common situation. What if you want to take out your won money from your account? You request an order from casino to get this money. However, when you call them to explain your situation, they are just not interested in you. They leave you with a message like “It will get into your account over the next four working days”. After that, the whole month passes.


You may find it funny in case you play casino games as a hobby. However, please, do not make it as a work; you will experience many stresses, as well as monetary losses. In addition, you will get a low mood after that. Personally, I play casino games as a hobby, and it is enough for me. Thank you for reading!


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