4 Must Have Presentation Template Resources for your Next Presentation


A great presentation can decide the difference between closing an important deal & blowing the same for a lifetime. PowerPoint is everywhere. Usually, people think of a PowerPoint presentation as a mere collection of slides. However, PowerPoint is much more than that. It is your only tool to have an amazing impact on your audience. It is through PowerPoint only that you can bind your audience to the topic and deliver an improvised and interactive presentation. Delivering the right message to your audience in a lucid way should be your top priority. An ideal PowerPoint presentation should be designed correctly, prepared to win and delivered with poise. It is noteworthy that not everyone can create quick amazing presentations.

Not many people have mastered the art of creating attractive PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, not everybody has that much time to invest, especially in today’s quarantine days. It is okay. You can easily create amazing and quick presentations no matter what circumstances you’re in. This can be achieved by utilizing ready to use PowerPoint templates in the market. These templates can help you save a huge amount of time while ensuring professional touch to your presentation. You can download these and can edit the same as per your requirement. Be it business or educational templates, one can benefit hugely from these. For instance, teachers stuck in quarantine around the world can utilize these templates for eLearning purposes.

Let’s move ahead and know about four must-have tools for your presentation goals:

1. Free Google Slides Templates:

Just like Microsoft PowerPoint, everybody is acquainted with Google Slides. The online presentation creation tool can open up the world of captivating presentations like anything. Free Google Slides Templates (FGST) maintains a repository of some of the richest collections of Google Slides templates out there. The website is known for offering dozens of carefully crafted templates for free. Free Google Slides Templates can be a great resource for any beginner. Business Plan, Themes UX, Red Aesthetics, Origami are some of the most popular picks.

You can get your hands on modern graphic design tools, dedicated animations and transitions, graphics customizations, background creations, etc. Not just that, templates downloaded from Free Google Slides Templates are also fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. There are mainly three categories of templates available on FGST namely Simple, Formal and Creative. If you’re creating a presentation for your office, you’d find amazing resources here for marketing and sales purposes. The templates feature impressive layouts and graphics for everybody. If you’re looking forward to amusing your viewers with picturesque designs and stunning graphics, FreeGoogleSlidesTemplates.com is your destination.

2. SlideModel.com:

One of the biggest online resources to download PowerPoint templates, SlideModel is helping millions create amazing PowerPoint presentations. The website houses over 20,000+ templates suitable for almost every domain. Teams of amazing designers at SlideModel have already designed out of the box templates for you. Some of the critically acclaimed templates on SlideModel are Coronavirus Icons, 4-Step Core Concept, TeamWork Concept, Top of a Finger Electricity, Buyer Persona and many more. There’s a huge availability of Google PowerPoint templates too. The best thing is that these templates can be 100% edited.

Customization comes into play with SlideModel templates. You can change presentation elements as per your liking and can easily align your presentation and business. Customization is the key to success. Moreover, you can also make use of Maps templates, diagrams, backgrounds, fonts and whatnot. SlideModel can be your one-stop shop for all the presentation help you need. A polished and professional slide can do wonders for your personal & professional goals. The customer support team at SlideModel is amazing too. You can easily get in touch with them and they’ll help you pick a suitable template for you.

3. FPPT.com:

There comes a time when every presentation creator, be it student or professional finds himself trapped amid white pages of slides. Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) is one of the biggest providers of readymade PowerPoint templates. The platform houses over 7000 PowerPoint templates for a variety of domains. The website holistically covers industries such as education, health, trading, marketing and more. Some of the hots on FPPT are Artificial Intelligence (AI) template, Molecule template, Earth template and much more. Free PowerPoint Templates can help you get the job done real quick.

As soon as you land on the website, you can start exploring templates under different categories such as medicine, modern, business, travel and many more. These templates can help your presentation in unimaginable ways. Add animation, interactivity as you feel. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a knack for creating colourful presentations or you don’t have that much time to invest. You can easily create a state of the art presentations, that too real quick while leveraging analytical patterns.

4. SlideHunter.com

SlideHunter.com is another great website to download PowerPoint templates for free. The website understands the importance PowerPoint plays in every business aspect. You can easily get your hands on templates in fields such as design, health, lifestyle, logistics, corporate strategy, etc. Best suited for professionals whose job profile involves making presentations frequently, SlideHunter makes it just easy for you. Gone are the days when you had to create a presentation from scratch. Today, you just download a template and start filling content on the go. There are over 4000 templates available here.

You can explore templates such as line charts, brain PowerPoint, org chart diagrams and more. You might be occupied with other important tasks at the moment, still, you can easily create a presentation in no time with SlideHunter.com. The website has a huge resource of diagrams, illustrations, images, you name it. All these are available for free. Also, these templates are hugely compatible with both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Hence, there would be no problem with migrating from one platform to another. All the diagrams, hierarchies, images and videos available on SlideHunter help you chop down the extra time it takes to prepare a presentation.


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