4 SEO Tricks That Really Work!


Search engines are consistently changing its algorithms which means that tips,tricks, and strategies to SEO need to evolve with these changes. Majority of what was working sometime back is not much viable now. From keyword stuffing to private blogs, there is much you may do to rank your website higher. But what really works?

Here are the top four tricks that produce consistent and higher results in all search engines including Google.

1. Smart Keyword Use

Keyword use is an SEO tactic that has merely changed over the years. Undoubtedly, this will remain Among the most crucial factors to get your website content right. Keyword stuffing is a prerequisite for on-page SEO, link building and content marketing to be a success. Frankly, any online business needs keyword research incapacity. The words determine site visibility and the niche relevance of the content. Keywords should reflect products, services, and topics that are related to that business. It is key that you find the balance between on-demand and competitive keywords. Avoid vague words that have tons of searches with low-quality traffic.

2. On-page Optimization

This next tip is an oldie-but-goodie that is tried and true. It is crucial to earning higher ranks on any search engine. Without an optimized page to land your content, higher rankings will be somewhat difficult. Optimization of the site stems from the design and placement of keywords in the content. Inspira Digital Agency recommends that keywords appear in various key places.

These include:

  • Page title
  • Page meta description
  • URL slug
  • H1 or H2
  • Image ALT-tags

These are accepted ranking factors in search engine algorithms and will help improve CTR. Believe it or otherwise, this trick always gets the job done.

3. Improve Site Speed

Here is one trick many are aware of but haven’t been able to deal with. Improving site speed and load times are a major hassle. Nonetheless, it is absolutely worth the energy and time. Not only will it reduce bounce-rates and improve user experience, but also it can add to the website’s search visibility. Optimizing site speed may need you to make some trade-offs such as fewer images so be sure of what to sacrifice and not. It’s advisable that you hire a specialist to do this trick for you as the results are always guaranteed.

4. Mobile Optimization

It’s the high time you checked this box if your website is not already mobile responsive. Search engines have made this increasingly relevant item a priority and also a ranking factor. More users are using mobile devices to access websites and if they can quickly and comfortably access your website using this platform, be sure of more lead traffic. Mobile optimization can be successfully achieved by building quality links that lead traffic to the site that can support a mobile device. More traffic only means more customers!


SEO tricks and tips are several and a dozen a dime. All are sure to work, but these 4 SEO tips really work and above all are consistent. Keep in your mind that SEO and user experience go hand in hand and focus on quality. SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon!


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