5 Products To Increase Your Productivity As A Manager


Whatever business you are running, aiming for high productivity will bring you to better chances of success.

Aside from employee productivity, professional who hold key positions in middle and top management should also be on their toes to become productive themselves. How else can you demand your people to work their butts off if you’ve been slacking yourself?

As a manager, you should be the prime example of productivity in your workplace. Here are five products that can enhance the way you perform your tasks and become more productive than ever:


Keeping tabs of things about your business may be overwhelming, but not if you have a journal or notebook on hand. Despite the advent of technology, a lot of managers still prefer to jot down their notes and schedules by writing on paper.

On top of this, using high quality handcrafted leather goods such as a beautiful leather journal can already do wonders to your productivity. There’s just something professional about leather products, and it will definitely work well with your personal productivity goals.

Standing Desk

Did you know that doing office work in a standing position leads to better productivity than sitting on an office chair? This may sound like pure horseradish, but it’s based on a recent study published in the British Medical Journal.

To achieve this simple but effective work posture, buy yourself a standing desk. This allows you to be on your toes – literally – as you make tough decisions or lay out your company’s five-year plan.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Now this tip is ingenious, but at the same time you may be wondering why you haven’t been using it in the first place. Noise pollution dampens work productivity most of the time, may it be a constantly ringing fax machine or an ongoing construction project just outside your office building.

The quick fix to this auditory nuisance is to wear a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. This device not only blocks external sound like an ear plug, but it’s actually designed to emit a specific frequency that cancels out the incoming audio. The result is a much quieter workspace where you can probably do more work than usual.

Bluetooth Headsets

While we’re still in the topic of audio, the Bluetooth headset has become an essential device for any manager or corporate executive. If you spend a lot of time talking on the phone, keeping your hands off the phone dial will already save you some time.

Make sure that you also use your phone’s built-in virtual assistant in conjunction with your Bluetooth headset. The top operating systems have their own versions – Siri for Apple, Alexa for Amazon, and Google Assistant for Android.

Internet of Things (IoT)

You’re probably locked on to your smartphone constantly, so why not use it to multi-task your way around the home and office? IoT devices are built to be operated wirelessly using a mobile device or a pre-programmed set of tasks. These devices include surround sound speakers, CCTV cameras, light bulbs, coffee makers, and automatic gate systems.

Instead of manually preparing your morning coffee, you can purchase an IoT-enabled coffee maker that you can either activate using your smartphone or program the night before. This will easily save you at least 10 minutes to do other more important tasks.

These are just five of the best productivity-enhancing products that you can start using today. Knowing the tools available at your disposal can already spell the difference between a productive day and a lackluster one.


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