5 Tips For Boosting Your Online Security


Staying secure online is now an essential part of running a business. With the high rate and sophistication of the latest cyber attacks, it’s imperative that you are implementing and prioritizing safer online habits across every level of your business. Failing to adopt a security mentality will leave you vulnerable, and expose you to any number of internal or external threats to your data, your profits, and the safety of those that use your business. From the basics to the latest and greatest online defense strategies, here are the best ways to keep your business safer online, and limit your exposure to the threat of cyber attacks of every kind.

Password basics

You should be aware by now of the need for a strong level of password security. From randomized password generators to the best password management systems, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your password security is fully optimized. It’s important that everyone you employ is using similar strategies, as one weak point could be all that the unscrupulous need to get into your system.

Risky Clicking

Don’t click on every link or attachment that gets sent to you. This might seem like common sense, but not only is it one of the most popular forms of cyber breach for hackers, these scams are also growing in sophistication. Make sure that your teams are aware of the dangers, and are kept updated on the latest phishing scams so that they can be spotted and avoided.

Protecting Your Apps

By segmenting (also known as microsegmentation) your software into different sections and subsections, you make it much harder for those with ill intent to cause to damage to your application infrastructure and stored data. Have a look at the latest container security best practices and ensure that you are making good use of this compartmentalization strategy to protect your business at multiple levels.

Plan for Failure

Even the biggest companies in the world have fallen victim to cyber attacks, so throwing money at security is not always the best strategy. Careful implementation of the right security protocols will be much safer, but you should always have a plan in place in the case of a breach. This will make you faster to respond and react and will guide your next steps.

Public Browsing

In your office, you probably have a set internet system that is already protected. This becomes null and void if you’re out on the road to meet clients or suppliers. Avoid using public WiFi for anything, and invest in a VPN for your devices. These will offer you a much higher level of protection and will make it considerably harder for hackers to gain access to your data.

The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the dangers. Keep up to date on the latest methods and techniques used by cybercriminals, and you’ll find that you naturally develop secure responses to threats. The less time you dedicate to online security, the more likely that you will have gaps in your security, and that could be all that someone needs to cause irreparable damage to your business.


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