5 Tips for Decorating Your Commercial Office Space


Keeping your office looking good and up to date when it comes to interior décor is important. It’s important because your employees must work there, and working in a comfortable, attractive space is a lot more productive than working in an ugly, neglected one. It’s also important because your office space is what your customers and clients see – and it’s what gives them their first impression of you. A cluttered, uncared for, old-fashioned workspace is not the most professional of looks. Here are some tips on how to decorate your commercial office space.


Tidy Up

First things first: tidy up. You may have a wonderful vision for how your office is going to look, but you won’t be able to achieve it unless you clear the clutter. This is a great opportunity to dispose of anything pieces of furniture, general rubbish, or even old paperwork (although remember to shred this first) that have been gathering dust. Anything you do want to keep but that needs to be moved so that you can decorate should be stored safely away from the office so that they aren’t damaged, and so that there are no hold ups when you begin the decorating work.



Lighting is key when it comes to creating a light, bright space – but it can also easily be forgotten in the excitement of fresh paint and new furniture. Those things are important, of course, but lighting also needs to be on your list of things to change when you begin decorating. The right lighting can make your office into a wonderfully welcoming space, and somewhere people will be happy to visit. If your visitors are comfortable, they’ll be more receptive to your ideas. Keep windows clean, and make sure they aren’t covered or blocked in any way – you want as much natural light to enter the office as possible. If you have any dark areas, use additional lamps (ones that match the rest of the décor) to fill the gaps. Stay away from fluorescent lighting, as it doesn’t promote a sense of well-being.



It’s okay to use color – in fact, it’s a good idea if that color is fairly neutral.

Neutral colors such as stone and sand create a professional yet warm impression, which is exactly what you should be going for. If you want to have brighter colors in the office, don’t put them on the walls. Instead, opt for accents of color with accessories such as lamps, pictures, even furniture. A splash of bright color among the neutrals will bring your office to life.



You want people to feel comfortable in your office, both in terms of their emotions, and in their physical being. Having the right kinds of furniture to promote that is essential. You can either have furniture that matches entirely, or an eclectic mix where everything is different. Don’t try to combine the two elements, or it will look as though you tried to make everything match but ran out of items – or cash. It’s not a good impression to give. If you don’t like matching furniture, ensure that it looks as though it’s not meant to match.



Finally, having plants or fresh flowers in your newly decorated office environment will keep things feeling fresh. They will lift the spirits of the workers in the office, and they will show visitors that you’re a compassionate kind of company (just remember to keep them watered as dead or dying plants offer entirely the opposite impression!). They can also add a lovely splash of color.








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