5 Tips for a Business Resume in 2020


You may be applying for your dream business job or trying to convince potential investors to start or boost your business. Whatever the reason may be, you will need a top-notch business resume.

We have brought together 5 tips for a business resume that can help you frame a job-winning resume in 2020:

1.  Frame a relevant Professional Experience section

The details of your professional experience give the recruiters an insight into the roles and responsibilities that you are capable of shouldering.

So how do you communicate to the recruiters that you are capable of taking the responsibilities of the role they are offering head-on?

Well, the best way is by effectively listing out the most significant professional experience that you possess in your business resume.

Curate action-oriented accomplishment statements as espoused by Princeton University and make the recruiters recognize your potential as a suitable applicant for the targeted job.

Frame one-liners to state your day-to-day activities and highlight your achievements and contributions as a business professional and mention how you managed to execute them.

Organize your one-liners by listing similar points under unique headings and bold the highlights of your career and the key skills that you possess.

In case you have expertise or experience in any business strategy, make sure to effectively state them in your professional experience section.

Also, use performance figures to show the extent of your contributions and achievements.

Here is a work experience sample to help you visualize how your professional experience section should look like:

2.  Give an overview of your Business resume

Include a summary on resume or an objective of your resume. It is a great way to highlight your skills and also explain why you are the ideal candidate for the targeted job profile.

For people with extensive work experience, a summary is the best option to wrap up their resume and for those who are writing an entry-level resume with less than 3 years or no work experience, an objective statement will work out best.

If you have career gaps or are a frequent job-hopper then you should also opt for a resume objective.

Remember that you have 6 seconds to make an impression on the recruiters so make the best use of this precious time.

Here is an example of a resume summary:

“9+ years experience Business Development Expert with a track record of deploying aggressive sales techniques and trend-based marketing methodologies to achieve business targets. Adept at value-driven and result-oriented strategies to ensure adherence to client requirements.”

Here is an example of a resume objective:

“1+years experienced, value-driven and result-oriented business developer with efficient skillset of deploying sales techniques and marketing methods. Skilled in adhering to the requirements of the clients to raise the brand name.”

3.  Highlight your Credentials

Learn how to list certifications on resume and highlight your educational qualifications as per the requirements of the specific job that you are targeting.

There are different business job profiles and each one of them requires specific degrees and certifications, so if you possess any credentials that are related to your business background then make sure to mention them.

To apply for a business-related job profile you may be required to have a certain level of educational qualification or hold relevant certifications. To become a business manager you need to at least hold a bachelor’s degree or in many cases, you may be required to hold a master’s degree for a management profile.

So, portray yourself as the best candidate by providing this information to the recruiter.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional

In any case, providing your credentials is a huge plus point in a resume.

4.  List your relevant Key Skills

Customize your resume according to the specific profile that you are applying for and the requirements of the organization you are targeting.

Recruiters tend to take a cursory glance at your resume and only read on if your skills on resume section contain the keywords used by them in the job listing. Many of them also use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to filter through resumes and only pick out those that contain relevant keywords.

Your resume must ranks high on the ATS for you to have a chance at landing your dream job. Now, you may be wondering how you can rank high on the ATS.

Well, the answer is simple.

Scan through your resume and pick out the most significant skills that you possess and align them in the key skills section.


In the example above, we have provided the key skills of a Business Development Expert.

5.  Provide an accurate Profile Title

Your profile title makes the recruiters recognize the level of your professional status and the level of seniority in your field of work.

Provide your current or past job profile to highlight your business background.

But be very careful while framing your profile title because if you exaggerate your job profile the recruiters will take it as an attempt by you to lie to them about your professional status.

For instance, if you are a senior then write your profile title as “Senior Business Analysis Expert”.

Be honest and leave the decision up to the recruiters.


Here are some key tips to keep in mind while framing your business resume in 2020:

  • Mention only the relevant work experience to meet the requirements of your targeted job profile.
  • Give a brief overview of your business resume in the form of a summary or objective statement depending on what your professional status demands.
  • Provide the details of your educational qualifications and certifications.
  • List your most significant skills in the key skills section.
  • Only write an honest and accurate profile title.

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