5 Tips to Stay Secure Online for New Zealanders


Many of our current workings in New Zealand are online, so it is important to ensure that your information is in safe hands all the time. This will reduce the vulnerability you may expose yourselves to whirl working.

Different crimes take place on the internet and many cases have been hard to follow up, and so it’s important for Kiwis to take the first step which is taking the Internet safety precautions like the ones described below

#1 Use Strong Passwords

The choice of your password shall matter a lot when it comes to security measures. It is not advisable to use simple passwords that anyone could easily guess but instead make it a little bit difficult then save it somewhere else for quick recovery.

One can easily use a simple password like your year of birth or even your pet’s name and get access to your personal information and contacts.

#2 Deposit or Pay Money via Safe NZ Payment Systems

Do not at any time hurry up to make a payment online at any gambling or betting sites as this will expose you to a number of risks that may be a problem to manage. At first, you may not be aware that the online casino is a licensed one or a scammer, so this might be hard for you to identify the scammers from legitimate businesses.

On that note, it is greatly advised to play online pokies with Paysafe NZ which is a reliable and trusted company that issues prepaid cards. Once you purchase the card at any New Zealand local store and make payments online anonymously.

#3 Don’t Open Strange Emails or Links

This is an easy path that could be used by anyone to infect your computer with the virus or any form of malware that will hinder your proper functioning.

Apart from a virus, one could send a link that could easily get details of your account names and settings making it easy for him to access and damage your account or computer. These strange emails may expose you to criminal related activities that will definitely hinder your smooth operations.

#4 Keep Personal Information Limited

Personal information should not be shared with a number of your social friends and family members including strangers you may not be aware of. Once you provide your details, then it becomes easy for you to get conned as a different person may contact you may still not be aware of his intentions.

This goes beyond the family and it extends to your fellow employees and customers, they are not at any time allowed to have your personal details as this could be of great harm to you. One may use the details to fraud you in any manner or even act as if it is you at any platform.

#5 Be Careful with Downloads

This one of the greatest loopholes the cybercriminals use to get to you. Once you are tricked to downloading an application, there and then the programmer of that application can cause damage to your entire system.

This is because he might just send a malware that will completely damage your system. Such applications are extremely dangerous to the wellbeing of a system and should be avoided at all costs.

At the time you need to download an application, kindly confirm the correct spellings and websites you are downloading your content from. You ought to ensure that the content is from a trusted trader to avoid these security issues.


Keeping your information safe is vital for your day to day operations on the internet. You need to ensure all the security measures described above are adhered to in order to avoid to control or manage the rising fraud in the internet operations.


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