8 Reasons How Students Can Start a Business with a Landing Page


Starting a business is a tricky thing, especially for young entrepreneurs. There is the desire to go full speed ahead and drive maximum profit, but the truth is, most businesses grow slowly. It’s a long and hard journey of trial and error. With the dawn of the technological era, however, marketers have found ways to make the beginning easier – and with a lasting impact.

The coveted tool? A landing page. You may be wondering, what is a landing page? To put it simply, it is a section of website accessible by clicking hyperlinks. It’s an independent web page that users see, usually designed for a specific purpose – in this case, introducing your business. With that, here are 8 reasons how students can start a business with a landing page.

  1. It’s easy. Creating your very own business landing page can be a breeze. While in fact a part of a website, landing pages are generally simpler. You do not have to be a webmaster to create one, and developers seem to share the same sentiments as there are numerous platforms out there you can use. You just have to find the one that fits perfect with you.
  1. It helps tell your brand story. Some of the best start up landing pages begin with a story. Curated to fit a single web page, their landing pages capture the audience through carefully crafted texts and compelling visuals. One look, and they’ll know what your brand is all about.
  1. It generates data and insights. Materials (specific campaigns, piece of content, action, or source) you created are linked to the landing page. Depending on your business, your landing page can determine which channel bring in the most leads. This can be content that piques the most interest, or you best performing campaigns. Tracking user behavior will help you understand your target audience better, and increase your business effectiveness overall.
  1. It increases credibility. Depending on the objective of your landing page, you can optimize your content to help make users feel that you understand their problems, and what you offer is the solution. One strategy to use is to optimize testimonials of other users, for better effect. Whether you offer unique options of shoes or the best term paper ever, a landing page offers your business a better chance of growing.
  1. It curates your email list. Your landing page can be customized to ask users for their information, such as email addresses. Emails allow you to find future prospects by sending out newsletters, announcements, sales, and promotions.
  1. It allows you to extend reach outside of your website. Your presence should not be contained to your website only. In this age, users also rely on your social media presence. These contribute to your brand identity, as well as add more credibility. You can add links to your social media accounts in your website landing page, where users are free to find out more and engage further.
  1. It increases brand awareness. You are fully in control of the overall feel of your landing page. The style of layout you choose, colors and visuals, and content should be one with your brand identity. The consistent branding presented in your landing page increases brand awareness as you market your business.
  1. It helps drive conversions. A good landing page calls your users to action. It sets up audiences to make a decision or take action (conversions) in accordance to your website. This will benefit your business as more conversions mean more customers, and more profit for business.

Landing pages continuously develop along with technology. Marketers frequently look for ways to drive sales and improve business. While these 8 reasons how students can start a business with a landing page enumerated are helpful, how you lead your business, and how you utilize landing pages rely solely on you.


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