How to Attract the Right Commercial Tenants


You have invested a lot of time and money into your commercial property, so it makes sense you will want to find the right tenants. Instead of opting the first company that comes knocking on your door, it is essential you refine your search to ensure you rent your office space to a flourishing company that has potential longevity.

Target Your Office Space

Think about the type of people you would like to rent your commercial property. Are you looking for a small or large company? Do you want to offer a co-sharing office space? This will determine the layout of your office space, as you can corner off different areas to different companies, or can create an open space for a growing organisation. The choice is yours.

Quality Attracts Quality

If you want to attract the right type of company to your office space, you should create an office space people would love to work in. High calibre tenants will not want to work in a rundown building that has unflattering colour schemes, broken doors or a bad smell. It wouldn’t offer a productive environment and it wouldn’t impress clients. Fix any problems before you put the property up to-let. You will be glad you did.

Hire an Expert

It is not just homes that are often left empty because a landlord fails to find the right tenant, because there are so many derelict commercial properties just waiting for tenants. If you want to fill a space, it might be worth hiring a talented professional with experience in the industry. For example, there are London commercial estate agents who specialise in helping landlords discover the right tenants for a commercial property, and they can even craft the best rental terms. What’s more, they can create high-quality marketing materials that will fill up your property fast, so you won’t have to pay next month’s mortgage on a derelict space.

Advertise Your Property Rental

Social media provide the perfect online forums to advertise a property rental. Offer a clear and engaging promotion that showcases a commercial space, featuring a detailed description, rental rates and high-quality images. You should even offer information on transport links and if you are within proximity to any restaurants, shops or public houses – because people will live the idea of enjoying a well-earned drink or meal at the end of the working day. It will be a matter of time until someone gets in touch to arrange a viewing.

Property Inspections

Landlords have a right to check-in on the upkeep of their building, which is why you should occasionally organise an inspection to ensure you have the right commercial tenants living in your property. This will show the tenant you want to help them care for the property, whilst learning if a tenant has broken the terms of your rental agreement.

Respect Equals Respect

The more respect you give to your tenants, the more they will respect your property. Whilst it is important to embark on occasional inspections, you should ensure you provide your tenants with their privacy, too. The tenants are more likely to care for your property and pay their rent on time if you make them aware of any inspection dates in advance


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