Agera Energy Leads the Way in Making Its Office Eco-Friendly


Energy Company Sets Visionary Example in Cleaning Up Its Own Operations

With its main headquarters in Briarcliff Manor, New York, Agera Energy is making waves as a cutting-edge energy provider that certainly walks the walk when it comes to instituting green practices in its own operations. Since earning the prestigious distinction of being named a Certified Westchester Green Business in 2016, this energy provider has continued its impressive initiatives to keep its daily tasks as green as possible. This includes recruiting and retaining valuable employees who are dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives at work and at home.

How Agera Energy Integrated Green Practices in Its Offices

  1. LED Lights

The first step that the company took to become an eco-friendly operation was having LED lights installed throughout their offices. LED lights use way less energy and are just as effective as other light bulbs that are not energy efficient. This had an immediate impact of reducing its office’s carbon footprint by emitting about 422 fewer tons of carbon dioxide each year.

  1. Regulating Indoor Temperatures More Efficiently

The company installed convenient window coverings so that the office would not overheat in the summer from the direct sunlight coming in through the windows. In addition, it had individual thermostats installed in the kitchen so that the appliances were not permitted to overheat throughout the day. Paying attention to the office temperature throughout the day requires less energy to be wasted in keeping the office cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

  1. Making Recycling More Convenient for Employees

The company realized that its employees would probably participate in recycling initiatives even more if it were more convenient for them to do so. As such, they placed additional recycling bins around the office, with at least one in each room. There are also clear instructions for employees on the tops of the recycling bins that explain what products are allowed to be deposited there. In addition, there are instructions available to employees on how they can safely and securely dispose of any hazardous materials that cannot be immediately recycled so that they do not harm the environment or any people.

Another great way that the company has reduced its overall waste was by going paperless as much as possible. This means that they increased the number of emails they sent out to customers to replace direct mailing campaigns. They also encourage employees to think twice before printing and using unnecessary paper for internal operations.

  1. Decreasing the Use of Plastic Water Bottles

Recycling plastic bottles is only a short-term initiative to spare the environment of having to process plastic waste. This company is eliminating the use of plastic water bottles from the start. It invested in reusable water bottles for each employee instead of having disposable plastic water bottles available throughout the office. Employees are encouraged to bring the reusable water bottles to work each day and refill them as needed instead of producing more plastic waste.

In sum, these comprehensive green initiatives are something that Agera Energy can be proud of. They are sure to inspire other energy companies to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint and being mindful of the environmental impact of their daily operations to be better stewards of the environment.


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