Each year, millions of people migrate all over the world. In Australia alone, there were about 7.3 million migrants residing in the country in 2018. This population made up 29% of those who were born outside the country – a 200,000 increase from the previous year, 2017 (7.1 million individuals). With the influx of migrants into the country, there is a high demand for migration agents. These agents help prepare migrants for visa applications. However, such procedures can be daunting and require huge fees to process. Some of these fees run into thousands of dollars before their services can be rendered.

Even with their input, they can’t influence the outcome as that is determined by the Australian Immigration Services. Also, you can’t be guaranteed a visa, as that is the final decision of the Australian Visa Bureau. However, with their help, you can be advised on your application, your documents can be prepared, proceedings can be arranged for, and provide you with all other necessary immigration assistance. Hence, it is important to select the right migration agent. However, when it comes to this area, most people are confused as to what to look out for in a migration agent.

In this article, we will discuss various factors to look out for in a migration agent, before such a person can be considered to help you with your migration needs.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Migration Agent

Ensure That The Agent Is Registered With MARA

One of the first and most important steps to take is to ensure that the agent is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This body monitors all the operations of migration agents in Australia and ensures that they comply with all the rules and regulations governing migration and migrants. You can determine the integrity and performance of a migration agent by its affiliation with MARA. 

These agents are compelled to keep abreast of the latest migration law. Should there be a dispute between you and an agent, or do you feel mistreated by one, you can always forward your reports to the migration authority who will take it from there, and ensure that you get compensated. However, it is risky dealing with a migration agent that is not registered under any registration body, which in this case is MARA. Should any problem arise, you will have no one to report them to.

Find Out How Many Clients They’ve Worked With And Their Reviews

Another way to determine how reputable a migration agency is, it is important to find out their clientele base and what clients are saying about them. How many migration applications have they processed successfully? This is important in determining the success rate of your migration application. One of the best places to get reviews about a migration agent is on Google Reviews. For other review sites, it can be easy for agents to get rid of negative reviews.

However, on Google Reviews, you will get both positive and negative reviews about any migration agency, hence knowing if that agency is worth hiring or not. Find out about the star ratings of the agency and what clients love about their services.

Other ways to find out is to:

  • Interview the migration agency.
  • Ensure that the agent has a high level of experience.

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