Alternative Investment Options to Consider


If you are an investor who is always looking for the next big market boom and ways to increase your investment portfolio you are not alone.

Staying on top of market trends, what’s hot, what’s not, and what is being touted as the next big thing when it comes to IPO’s, and new technology stocks and bonds offerings can be downright exhausting. The markets move at a lightening pace and things can change at a moment’s notice.

While it is always important to stay informed about hot new stocks and bonds investing in alternative investment options is something that you may want to consider.

Investments in Tangible Assets

As the world continues to evolve and popular mindsets evolve along with it, investment opportunities are evolving as well. Environmental issues and other external forces continue to propel the desire for alternative investment options that are based on eco-conscious and socially responsible companies and causes.

As such, investments in tangible assets such as agriculture, forestry investments, antiques, artwork, coins, and many more, have seen an upswing.

People want to invest in something different, something that may help the environment, or something that they believe in such as a social cause. You may also want to make an investment with a potentially higher return rate than traditional stocks and bonds or perhaps you just want to invest in something that you can see and get a hold of.

Crawford Park Farming AG, located in Beverly Hills, California is a company that offers tangible investment options in the agricultural industry for those of you who want to invest in something that contributes to sustainability and that has a potentially steady, high return.

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds have a bit of a negative reputation in some investment circles and for those that are new to investing, there is a good deal of skepticism when it comes to hedge funds and how they are managed-and rightly so.

To the new investor and even to a seasoned one, hedge fund investing comes with inherent risk as with any other investment. Unfortunately, the risk can greatly increase if you get yourself involved with the wrong firm or worse yet, an unscrupulous hedge fund manager or broker.

You don’t want to be the target of a Ponzi scheme or lose your entire life’s savings because of not doing your due diligence when it comes to hedge fund investments. While they are a great option for investors with a larger percent return than traditional stocks and bonds you need to be, cautious and invest wisely.


Alternative investment options allow you the ability to diversify your investment portfolio. Some of the most valuable advice given by successful and wealthy business men and women is that they never depended on one source of income.

You should be keeping this premise in mind when it comes to your investment strategies. The most effective way to better returns and more importantly more quantity and quality of returns is to have multiple investments in your portfolio.

Inevitably some of your investments will outperform others, some will gain revenue and some will lose, but over time if you have a well-diversified portfolio, a conscientious broker, and the appetize to keep a steady watch on the markets you will be all the better for it.


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