Antonio And Raquel Vendome: Deadly Real Estate Duo


Fusion is a current trend that shows no signs of slowing down. From fashion to food, the melding of different styles and inspirations produce unique and interesting results. This is most certainly the case with architecture as art can inspire the design and building process. Antonio Vendome, a New York real estate mogul has made a name for himself based on his work ethic, ingenuity, and artistic vision. His Daughter, Raquel, is following in her father’s footsteps by joining Vendome Development, and together, they could reshape the New York city Skyline.

Vendome and Johnson

Philip Johnson, renowned architect with a unique artistic vision, inspired Vendome in every way. They worked together on the Urban Glass House, an impressive 14-story condominium building. Situated in the chic Soho community of Manhattan, New York, the 137-foot building included a bicycle storage facility, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, and 40 impressive and modern apartments. Together, they were complimenting each other’s vision by playing off each other’s differences. When Johnson passed away, Vendome continued to be inspired by him and endeavours to complete his Habitable Structure around the world. This unique vision and inspiration of different architectural designs from around the world is something that Raquel strives to emulate for Vendome Development as well.

Vendome embodies the American dream as an Italian in America who through his work ethic, loyalty, determination and ingenuity, has carved out an impressive career for himself. Vendome has been praised for his humanity and artistic spirit, which makes his properties stand apart from other developers. Vendome’s love of fine arts translates well into his career as is evident in the 300-foot Habitable Structure which was Vendome’s treasured dream that he has longed for years to make a reality.

Antonio and Raquel

Although Raquel initially pursued a career in early childhood education, she felt the pull of her father’s business and happily went under his wing. Together, they acquire and develop real estate properties. The relationship that developed between Johnson and Vendome was one that is envied by many collaborative duos. With Raquel Vendome joining her father, the hope is that they will be able to compliment each other in a similar way to how Johnson and Vendome did over the years.

Throughout history, architecture has reflected the preoccupations and needs of the society and community it is developed in. As New York represents the ultimate in American pride and perpetuating the American dream, it is the perfect canvass upon which to mold and shape the infamous skyline. With Raquel joining Vendome Development, the father-daughter duo is sure to continue the tradition initiated by the teaming of Johnson and Vendome who endeavoured to marry form, function, aesthetics, and fine art. This unique fusion has the power to transform people’s lives, not just in the form of housing, but also in the message of artistic vision that characterizes modern buildings like the Urban Glass House and the Vendome Habitable Structure. Buildings have to live up to modern standards of safety and code regulations, but thanks to the vision of developers like the Vendomes, they can still be pieces of art.


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