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(Photo: (L-R) Chris Bellusci, Associate Business Systems Architect; John Warinner, PE, Associate Water Resources Engineer; Blair Deaver, Senior Geospatial Data Scientist | Photo Courtesy of Aspect Consulting LLC)

Science and engineering insights fueled, managed, and clearly communicated through technology. This sums up Aspect Consulting LLC’s (Aspect) successful client-focused approach since our inception in 2001. This year, we’ve enhanced the technology piece of this formula by adding three new staff — focused on software development, technology integration and geospatial data science. Chris Bellusci, associate business systems architect and Blair Deaver, senior geospatial data scientist join Aspect’s recently opened Bend office; and Mike Mills, senior project software developer, joins Aspect’s growing Portland office.
These three will enhance Aspect’s already robust data and mapping services — helping our clients and project teams with solutions like map-integrated stormwater monitoring dashboards; environmental data management system design and integration; technology needs assessment and road-mapping; web map and GIS application development; integrated systems for mobile field data collection and the development of machine learning-based approaches to basin-scale hydrology issues.
Data + Mapping Practice Lead and Aspect’s Director of Professional Services Parker Wittman explains the benefits to clients. “Chris, Blair and Mike boost our core skills and add industry-leading, sought- after services like web development and cloud-based data management expertise,” Wittman said. “Reflecting the world at large — our clients are (and will continue) seeking out solutions that are interactive and mobile-platform friendly, that translate large amounts of data into scientific and business insights. These clients require teams that are analytical high-performers, who speak in the languages of business, regulation, earth science and technology.”
Chris Bellusci recognizes Aspect as an emerging leader in the data science and mapping world. “Joining Aspect was a clear choice for us. They’ve always partnered their earth engineering and science experts with creative technologists focused on client satisfaction. The three of us (Bellusci, Deaver and Mills) see a lot of potential to help Aspect’s growing client base,” Bellusci said. “The cloud and web tools we leverage can shrink project times and costs — for example turning a typically three-week monitoring report process into three days. Mountains of data that were tracked by hand previously can now be managed in the cloud and presented to decision makers in minutes instead of weeks.”
Chris has been working in the world of IT/software development, support and product management for more than 20 years, with an educational background in Electrical Engineering. For the past 12 of those years, Chris has been helping clients plan for and build technology-driven solutions related to earth science problems. He is a seasoned project and client manager with a penchant for new business development.
Blair Deaver’s educational background is in environmental studies and GIS. Blair’s geospatial expertise is both broad (everything from open source GIS, scripting, mobile development, dev ops, data management, enterprise IT) and deep — he is a recognized Esri GIS expert and is Amazon Web Services certified. Blair is known for an incredibly nimble style of problem solving, a trait that meshes well with Aspect’s overall approach to client services.
Mike Mills’s core expertise/background is in web and database development — and he’s been doing everything from statistical analysis (writing custom kriging algorithms for in-browser spatial analyses) to mobile application development. He’s a full-stack developer with a decade of experience delivering solutions for earth science and engineering projects. Mike’s educational background is in mathematics and computer science.
Chris, Blair and Mike all joined Aspect from GeoEngineers, where they had previously worked as a team for the better part of ten years.
Together — with Associate Water Resources Engineer, John Warinner — Chris and Blair make up Aspect’s new Bend office. With Mike joining Aspect’s growing Portland office as well, Aspect is continuing its earnest expansion into the Oregon earth + water market. The experts who are part of Aspect emerging Oregon presence service all the firm’s core practice areas — and are collectively a reflection of Aspect’s multidisciplinary approach.
Founded in 2001, Aspect Consulting is a 100-person team of strategic earth + water advisors providing environmental, geotechnical and water resource services. Aspect’s seven offices are located in Bainbridge Island, Bellingham, Bend, Seattle, Portland, Yakima and Wenatchee. Aspect’s roster of clients includes counties, cities, ports, utility districts, attorneys, developers and tribes across the Pacific Northwest.
Chris Bellusci, Associate Business Systems Architect. 1725 SW Chandler Ave., Ste. 102, Bend.


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