How attorneys from Phoenix will handle car accident cases and clients


Nobody goes looking to get into a car accident, but if that does happen and as a result you are injured or your car and things inside it are damaged you should seek advice from a specialist attorney. This is your best chance at getting the compensation you deserve to cover everything from replacing damaged property to paying any medical bills the accident has left you with. In some cases it can also include extra dollars for emotional distress, and other costs, such as loss of earnings.

If you have never had to hire an attorney before it can seem like a bit of a scary prospect, but there’s no need to be worried as everything is generally pretty straightforward. Take a look at this brief guide to how attorneys in Phoenix usually handle car accident cases, and how you can expect them to relate to you, so you can go ahead and engage an attorney without needing to worry. (Of course, each situation is unique so some details may be different in a particular case.)

The typical attorney ‘to do’ list for handling a car accident insurance claim

  • Communicate with the insurance companies involved.

Their insurance adjuster is a key figure and having an attorney who s familiar with the key players, and able to communicate well with them is a must if you are to get a good result.

  • Identify and source evidence to prove liability

This can involve things like taking photographs of the car accident scene, sourcing accident reports and speaking to the police and witnesses involved if that is relevant.

  • Monitor and organize medical costs and records

It’s pretty difficult to put forward a strong argument for compensation following a car accident if you don’t have the relevant documents to prove your points. However, it can be difficult to actually get hold of the records even though you are entitled to them. A Phoenix attorney will have paralegals who can chase up car accident documents, even when that involves making repeated requests.

  • Liaise with medical staff to secure evidence necessary to document liability

It’s not unusual for doctors to omit information on things like what caused the medical problems involved, or the possible long term effects when they write up their notes, so this may need to be secured by your attorney.

  • Negotiate a settlement that is suitable and fair with the insurance company’s representative or their attorney, as relevant

Choosing a specialist Phoenix car accident attorney, such as a Folger Law Firm- Phoenix accident lawyer is a good decision as this kind of legal representative has the proven skills and experience to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf. They know what the ceiling amount is on cases like yours, and are prepared to work at it until they get what they know you deserve.

Now you have an idea of the many tasks a car accident attorney in Phoenix takes care of for their clients it’s easy to see why they are so crucial to gaining a positive outcome.


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