Based in Bend, Oregon First-Ever Cooking Competition App FoodFu for iPhone is a Fun, Interactive Home Version of Popular Culinary Competition Shows


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FoodFu is an experiential game that leads home cooks through fun, hands-on culinary battles with friends. This must-have app for home cooks is the only mobile application that brings the excitement of popular cooking competition shows, like Chopped or Top Chef, into real life for anyone to play.

FoodFu was created Binary Star Systems, a woman owned technology company creating the next generation of mobile apps in the growing tech center of Bend, Oregon.

Sixteen years ago Iron Chef debuted on the Food Network and ever since millions of people have been obsessed with television cooking competitions even though they never get to taste the food. FoodFu has captured the spirit of these shows and turned it into a real life mobile game for home cooks of all ages and skill sets to play and then eat.

To play FoodFu users need a kitchen and at least four people to divide into two chefs, two judges and one Emcee (who can also be a judge).

Here’s how the game begins:
Users choose a featured ingredient, like carrots or bacon, or click the random ingredient generator button. When the chefs are ready to play the emcee presses start. The chefs then have 45 minutes to prepare a dish highlighting the featured ingredient. Throughout the game the emcee asks the chefs and judges stimulating questions prompted by FoodFu.

When time is up the chefs describe their dishes to the judges. The judges taste both dishes and anonymously rate the chefs based on plating, taste, creativity and use of the featured ingredient. FoodFu tallies the results and announces the winner. The results can be instantly shared via email, message, or posted to Facebook.

FoodFu’s other craveable features include:
• Rematches! Users can immediately set up another battle to try and retain their title or get a win.
• Users can schedule battles and send invitations to friends.
• Four to five people play but only one person needs FoodFu on their iPhone.

“Coming up with a fun group experience can be a hassle,” commented Lisa Sipe of Binary Star Systems. “FoodFu was born because we were looking for something fun to do with our family over the holidays. We realized everyone loves to hang out with friends/family, cook or eat so we turned that into a game with something for everyone.”

FoodFu, the world’s first home cooking competition iPhone app for foodies of all ages is available now for $4.99 in the App Store at


For all other information or media inquiries, contact Lisa Sipe at or 480-326-2109.

Binary Star Systems is a woman owned technology company creating the next generation of mobile apps in the growing tech center of Bend, Oregon. People spend most of their time looking down at their mobile devices and are completely separated from their current environment and the people around them. Binary Star Systems sees mobile differently and creates apps which help people engage with others, especially when they are in the same space. We call these Experiential Apps. They are different because one or more users in a group can use the app to help create a long term memory of their current activity in a collaborative way. They won’t just take a series of photos or type in a status; they will work together to create something they can look at together later in their lives and remember what happened at that time and place. Binary Star Systems creates mobile and technology experiences that make memories.


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