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What to do if you want to buy beautiful furniture, but there is enough money only for the “budget” option? We are in a hurry to please you: there are many ways to buy really good furniture at quite affordable prices, and the most advantageous of them were included in our review.

Compare prices

It would seem to be a bit of banal advice, but it is worth considering that each factory has many dealers who set their prices for the same furniture. That is why do not be lazy to call (or visit the sites) all, including, of course, and the manufacturer himself. The range of prices can surprise you, and the price at the factory is not always the lowest. This is explained by the fact that large dealers receive significant discounts from the manufacturer and can sell furniture like reception desks at prices even lower than the factory ones.

Buy in season

Furniture trade has its own specifics, namely, seasonal discounts, just like in any other sphere of business. If you know when to buy upholstered, cabinet or garden furniture, you can save up to two thirds (!) of the original cost. As for upholstered and cabinet furniture, the best time to buy is the New Year holidays, as well as the end of summer – the beginning of autumn, well, and garden furniture is best to buy from mid-August when the demand for it for obvious reasons decreases.

Enjoy discounts

So-called “salon-discount” means simply a center of sales, where large manufacturers sell the furniture from old collections, stored in warehouses and just substandard goods, that is, with marriage. However, it is not necessary to be afraid, as defects, as a rule, are so insignificant that it is very difficult to notice them “with the naked eye”, and it does not affect the durability of furniture in any way. But it is possible to save – and it is very significant, as such furniture is sold at a discount of 50% and even more. With furniture from old collections, all is clear: it is desirable to get rid of it as soon as possible, so you can also count on a solid discount. And, if we do not go on about the capricious and changeable fashion, and choose what we really like, you can save on such furniture. Well, and strong people in rhetoric can also get an additional discount from the seller.

Order furniture online

As a rule, furniture purchased through an online store is cheaper, although it cannot be said that it is so in 100% of cases. There are some furniture chains that put different prices on their furniture depending on the region. In this case, buying furniture in a branded store in a provincial city may be cheaper than ordering online. Another thing is that if you live in a city, ordering online will cost you less than in the usual capital store (add the cost of the trip here as well). And in the overwhelming majority of cases of online shopping will be cheaper, but check and compare prices still do not hurt.

We save on delivery, lifting, and assembly

Regarding delivery there is one nuance: cheaper furniture of the same model is not always more profitable because the cost of delivery in cheap shops can be much higher than in others, where delivery can be even free. Therefore, carefully compare prices and choose the best offer taking into account the cost of furniture and its delivery. As for the rise to the floor, do not rush to agree with the store, because something can be raised and on their own, and if the furniture is really bulky and heavy, there are private movers, whose services will almost certainly cost much cheaper than the loaders from the store. If we talk about the assembly, then some of the furniture is quite easily assembled on their own according to the instructions and drawings. Of course, it is desirable to have some experience in this business, but the same desk or stool can collect almost any person. And the price for the assembly can be a very significant amount: up to 10 or even 20% of the order amount, so look for yourself. In extreme cases, you can also turn to private collectors, who will take cheaper.

Is the furniture standard or custom-made?

Let’s define, and what, actually, we mean by furniture to order? It’s simple: in our case, it’s not furniture from a famous Italian designer, but the possibility of choosing the upholstery material, and in some cases even the case of the case in an ordinary furniture store. In addition, the so-called modular furniture is very popular today. Modular headsets are a kind of designer: you choose only the necessary parts and dispose of them as you wish. Well, or almost so – the freedom of configuration, in this case, depends on the features of the headset. Here and it turns out that under the prices of furniture of the “mass market” we receive actually furniture to order with exclusive configuration.


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