What Bonuses Can You Expect in an Online Casino


Wagering has always been an attractive idea to spend time in a fun way, and these days more than ever. The popularity of this kind of entertaining is growing very fast and spreading all over the world.  Many bettors started gambling out of curiosity. For those who bet for the first time, this article will be very useful. Let’s explain the basic rules for getting bonuses and bonus types.

There are several types of bonuses e.g. http://casinobonuspromotions.co.uk/bonuses-by-types/no-deposit-bonuses/ and every gambler should know basic instructions and possibilities. Or course, before claiming any bonus one has to make sure that he/she has read all the terms and conditions necessary. These depend from the specific casino and differ from one to another.

Welcome Bonus or Sign-up Bonus

This feature is the most popular one and it is a combination of various deposit addition options. The gamer should invest a certain sum of money before the bet starts. The bonus can go from 100% to 200%, and in some cases even up to 400%. The bettor must know that this can hide some tricks and it is necessary to read all about the terms and conditions. Every gambler knows, the higher bonus is, the more strict conditions are. These promotions can sometimes be connected to deposits and previous cash amounts players should pay before claiming anything. So, the most common welcome packages are:

  • Matching Bonus
  • Free cash and Spin Bonuses


If someone is a registered player, he/she can count on this type of addition. The goal is to keep the gamblers in the game and to make them be constant in wagering. The catch is when a bettor thinks the game is over this rescuing bonus comes to solve the problem but not unconditionally. Sometimes it is necessary to type the security code for getting this benefit. It is all explained on the web page under the instruction sheet.


It is the well-known rule when the player is brave enough there is always an extra prize. If the one is loyal and wagers continuously, there is an option to become a VIP player or to be asked for membership. That can bring some extra money or likable preferences. This bonus depends on player’s bank account and there is no room for the poor ones. This special bonus status can be reflected onto several things:

  • Points and Comps
  • Tournaments
  • Gifts
  • Additional Cash and Games

No-deposit Bonuses

If one doesn’t like to risk, there is a possibility to choose to play for free. The bettor gets free tokens and can play without any risk. These add-ons are lower than regular ones. With this type of bonus comes the specific way of wagering. It is not very likely to win the highest jackpot.

Free-play Bonuses

If the gamer prefers the adrenaline, this is the right thing. The game should be played for a certain period of time and the one must score as much as he can. It is all for free and it is a great way to explore numerous games.

Cashable and Playable Bonuses

The casino catalogs usually combine the wide choice of great possibilities to receive the gamer in the world of betting. Depending on the type, terms are not always the same. Let’s compare cashable and playable bonuses for example. The cashable bonus is not complicated at all. A bettor can lose while wagering but still can win the prize pull back.

Sticky I and Sticky II

There are also Sticky I and II type of bonuses in this world of gaming as the opposite to non-sticky ones. The first one is used for betting. But there is no chance for you to pull out it and after you take from the account all of your winning the bonus will be removed. The Sticky II is different and a player can still use it for gambling and can boost possibilities. It is recommended to play with cashable bonuses and without tricky conditions. It is important for a bettor to read and understand all the terms before agrees and signs up for the game. If there are still questions, the customer support can help and solve the problems.

The bonus is always a good solution for a player when trying to finish betting successfully.

Refer a Friend

Having friends is always a good thing, and even better when it comes to friends that share the gambling passion with you. In case you recommend a determined casino to some of them, and the accept the invitation, come and invest a game or to, expect a decent sum of money on your profile account. The amounts depend on the casino itself, however, those are usually generous because they represent the easy way to attract new bettors. Also, this is probably one of the best ways for you to boost the account.


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