How To Build The Best Computer For Gaming At Home


Most people assume building a computer for gaming requires exceptional knowledge or skills. Fortunately, the process couldn’t be more simple for someone with basic information. Plug-and-play best describes the process required here. A PC builder will buy various parents, plug them together to form a PC, and they’re ready to play. Certain considerations must be made to avoid issues, but anyone can build a computer. Plus, countless hardware options give the individual builder total control.

What About Pre-Built Gaming PCs From Manufacturers?

These days, over a dozen companies produce pre-built gaming PCs. Some of these options are worth considering, although most pre-built machines cost too much money. An individual can embrace the convenience but regret overpaying later on. It doesn’t help that building a PC oneself provides more flexibility and a better end result. With a little effort, the average custom built PC trumps a pre-built from the manufacturer. Don’t fall for the trap of a pre-built PC when you can build a better one in hours.

The Parts Every Gaming PC Needs Regardless of Budget

A dozen or so parts go into making a functional gaming PC. This includes the obvious things like a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Also, builders need to choose a PC case, RAM, motherboard, and storage. Other important things include a Power Supply Unit (PSU), cooling options, and even operating system. Most builders will end up with a Windows 10 gaming PC, though. Individual builders must ensure all of their chosen hardware and software is compatible as well.

Typically, CPU and GPU require the most time and effort to figure out. Everyone wants a high-end CPU and graphics card, however; more power comes at a higher cost. Builders need to choose a CPU from either Intel or AMD. From there, they’ll need to opt for a GPU from either NVIDIA or AMD. Technically builders can choose between dedicated and integrated graphics, but only budget builds should rely upon integrated graphics solutions. AMD produces Accelerated Processing Units with powerful integrated graphics.

Motherboard and RAM then become the next logical decision for builders. CPUs from Intel and AMD use different motherboard sockets, and they’re not cross-compatible. While this decision mandates the type of motherboard, dozens of potential setups are available. PC gamers should opt for at least 8GB of RAM, and 16GB of RAM is always recommended. A higher end CPU or GPU, or large amounts of RAM, may necessitate the purchase of a more powerful motherboard. Budget builds can include motherboards with basic features.

Depending on the hardware involved, a gaming PC can use a lot of power and create a lot of heat. A PSU rated above the total wattage of the build is necessary. Highly rated and reliable PSUs are always recommended. Plus, adequate cooling is necessary to keep the system running within a tolerable operating temperature. Nothing is worse than damaging a system due to inadequate cooling or power shortages. Most PCs rely on air cooling, but All-In-One water cooling solutions make sense for powerful builds.

When it comes to the computer case, hundreds of options are available. Cases span all different sizes and configurations. Therefore, a builder needs to choose a case that makes sense for their hardware. They should have enough room to fit all of their parts for obvious reasons. It then helps to find a case with adequate ventilation and a proper mix of functionality and size. Higher end cases tend to feature more ports and better ventilation. Nonetheless, smaller gaming PC builds are quite popular today.

Should You Build Gaming Computer With Your Own Time and Effort?

In the end, most people can benefit from building their own gaming PC. A gaming rig can be built for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Builders with all budgets will find they can build a high performance computer. Even lower end builds can reach high frame rates and enjoyable performance in modern games. For that reason, an individual should never hesitate to build their own machine. They’ll be more satisfied with the results compared to buying a pre-built gaming PC.


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