Business Opportunities for Oregonians in China


Modern technology has paved the way for globalization. Most businesses now have the chance to establish relationships with an international consumer base.

Oregonians can take advantage of technological developments to capture the Chinese market. Anyone can start a business, whether an online or a physical store and build a clientele in the biggest country in East Asia.

One way to stand apart from your competitors is to learn their language. Educational institutions like the Yi Mandarin Language School provide individual and group coaching on conversational and business Mandarin.

With this, you can create professional relationships with suppliers and partners in the area with ease. Moreover, this skill also helps you negotiate for the best deals.

If you’re planning to expand to the Chinese market, here are some business opportunities for Oregonians in China:

  1. English Education

The most manageable business that you can do in China, even if you’re not based in the country, is to teach English. As mentioned above, technology, particularly social media, has made information more accessible to people from different parts of the globe.

However, most of the popular blogs you find online are in English. That’s why a lot of Chinese people want to understand the language.

You can fill this need by hiring native speakers and pairing them up with students. For this venture, you should have a website in Chinese that you can use for reaching your target audience, qualified teachers, and a platform where students and professors can meet.

Video calls are used for most of the classes, while some companies allow students to opt for voice calls. The typical rate is calculated on a per hour basis. It’s also crucial that you understand the industry, which is one of the top tips every aspiring entrepreneur should practice.

  1. Skincare Products

There are a lot of excellent skincare products that are only available in the US. Some brands do not have the financial or legal capability to open a physical store in China yet, so they cannot capture the Chinese market.

Moreover, the customer can end up paying more for shipping and insurance if they are determined to buy the products. You, however, can earn money from exporting these items to the country because bulk shipping is more cost-effective.

To ensure that you don’t purchase unprofitable products, you can have a preorder arrangement. In this setup, the customer confirms the transaction on your website and pays for the skincare items. Then, they have to wait for a few days or weeks, depending on your shipping schedule, for their order to be delivered right at their doorstep.

  1. Green Technology

Aside from skincare products, green technology is also better in the US than in China. There have been lots of developments in this industry in recent years.

From LED light bulbs to flush-less toilets, this field encompasses anything environment-friendly. The movement to save the Earth is a global one, so it makes sense that Chinese people would participate and make the necessary lifestyle changes for the greater good.

You can choose whether you want to focus on a retail type of business or concentrate on providing industrial products to big companies. The latter requires a more substantial investment, but you’ll also reap more significant rewards with it.

  1. Web Services

Another valuable service that you can provide is web development. You can develop websites for Chinese companies that have an international client base. Moreover, you can even add digital marketing services like SEO and social media management for a more holistic program.

Web services are lucrative right now because you can find a majority of consumers on the Internet. Search engines and social media sites are the primary means of engaging with customers. Your role is to help your client become visible to their target audience through digital platforms.

  1. Tourism

A lot of Chinese people are going out of their comfort zones and seeing the world. You can start a tourism agency business and become your clients’ point-of-contact in Oregon.

You just need to create tour packages that’ll make sightseeing in the Beaver State more convenient. Include expenses for accommodation, transportation, and even food in the total cost, so that your clients won’t have to worry when they arrive in the area.


Oregonians can take advantage of technology to reach the Chinese market. You can start an English school and provide tutoring services. You can also export skincare or eco-friendly products to the East Asian country. Other services that you can provide are web development and tourism.


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