Choosing the Best: A Comparison Guide Between Different Types of Mattresses


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Imagine sleeping on a cloud-like mattress after having a long day at work or school.  Mattresses of today have advanced technology and we as consumers are reaping those benefits. There are mattresses that have nanotechnology in which they can literally control the temperature emitting on its surface.

There are components that are organic and less synthetic which are used to create the perfect mattresses. When shopping for a mattress it is important to consider four things, its firmness, your sleeping position, personal preference and if it’s perfect for your budget. You probably won’t determine the right one for you unless you try it out yourself, so it’s best to test its bounce and comfort.

Getting the right amount of sleep is vital for both your physical and mental health.Having good quality shut-eye will enhance productivity and awareness. It will also increase your energy the day after and is beneficial to your immune system. Study shows that having inadequate sleep can be linked to various diseases and illnesses. With that said, here are some of the different types of mattresses and its benefits and drawbacks.


This mattress is perfect if you wanna go down the eco-friendly route. The material used comes from the sap of a rubber tree which is frosted and then made into a foam. You can easily find the best mattresses for you online. They are usually made out of latex and are good buys.

●       Pros

People that own latex foams are said to have prevented and reduced pressure pain points. It also lasts a long time because of its resilient material.

●       Cons

Some percentage of people that purchased these beds complain that it’s too firm. They also reported having trouble sleeping because of too much heat.

Air Mattress

These are typically made of rubber and urethane plastic. These materials have a more ductile component and are less delicate than your usual plastic. To use this bed, it needs to be filled by air through certain gadgets like an air compressor or an electric pump.

●       Pros

You can customize how firm or soft you want it to be. Because of its PVC material, it prevents an unpleasant odor. This mattress has multiple uses, it can be brought during camping or if you have guests over.

●       Cons

Its built-in pump tends to be unsturdy and needs to be replaced every now and then. Its warranty is also shorter than any of the quality mattresses in the market.

Japanese Futon

Mattresses like this contain cotton, fillings made of foam and fiber. An extra added foam is usually for its rigidity. These furniture are usually produced as sofa beds and can also act as a budget bed. It can function both as a sleeping surface and sofa cushion.

Traditionally they are made from Japan, and their futons are usually made thin and are known for its on-the-go feature because you can literally hide it anywhere. There are also wester-made ones that only differ in thickness and flexibility. Both also contain different materials.

●       Pros

If you’re planning to purchase one, you will be surprised at how cheap they are. They can also give you lots of space since it’s not too much of a hassle to tuck and hide when it’s not in use. Its fillers are made with the utmost durability and have breathable cotton.

●       Cons

If you want to keep it for a long time, it needs to be extra cared for, meaning they have to be hung under the heat of the sun and beaten. It is also not ideal for people that are suffering with joint problems since it’s too low for them.

Polyurethane foam

This foam does not have a natural version, its material is made from synthetic components. Compared to a memory foam, this mattress is more bouncy and springy.

●       Pros

Lower grade versions of this mattress are inexpensive. They are also easy to lift, move and flip because it isn’t heavy compared to some beds that are such a hassle to carry.

●       Cons

It has little to no ventilation, the air cannot flow properly in a polyurethane material. It’s also not as durable because it tends to break easily.

Water bed

This mattress has by far the most entertaining history. Dating back from the past, its rubber was usually used for patients. It is basically a vinyl mattress filled with water.

●       Pros

Because of the mattress being filled with water, it is comfortable since it conforms with your body. It helps all your joints to be relaxed and be in no pressure.

●       Cons

There can be instances whereas the water will leak from the mattress. There will also come a time where the mattress will develop strange odors.


These mattresses all have different styles, material, size and comfort. It’s important to weigh down all its positives and negatives. Picking the right one will give you many benefits, from preventing back pain to having the best sleep of your life.


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