City Releases Report on Phase One of Bend’s Transportation Plan Update


(Photo | Courtesy of City of Bend)

The City of Bend published a summary of the progress made so far on Bend’s Transportation Plan update. Phase One of the plan update has been completed and an online Phase One Report is now available.

Key outcomes of Phase One include Transportation Goals, which set the overall vision for the transportation plan, a list of citywide transportation projects, and a preliminary look at the most feasible ways to fund the needed projects.

During Phase One, the City received over 2,400 comments from more than 1,000 participants sharing their thoughts and ideas about transportation in Bend. City staff gave 12 presentations to neighborhood and community groups during Phase One.

Phase Two of Bend’s Transportation Plan, which identifies neighborhood transportation needs, is underway. Over the spring, summer, and fall of 2019, the Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee will be working on policies, evaluating and prioritizing projects, and a funding plan.

To learn more about Bend’s Transportation Plan and view the Phase One Report, visit



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