COCC’s Fall Reopening Plans Approved by Board of Directors


Yesterday evening, at its regular monthly meeting, the Central Oregon Community College (COCC) board of directors approved the college’s Reopening Operational Plan for the Conduct of In-Person Instructional, Residential and Research Activities. The college had been closed to nearly all in-person activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic since Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s executive order on March 23, 2020.

In mid-June, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released guidance for the reopening of Oregon’s colleges and universities. Among the higher education requirements was a mandate for every institution to secure board approval of a reopening operational plan prior to September 1, 2020. With yesterday’s board approval, COCC will prepare to resume in-person learning across its four campuses for the 2020 fall term beginning September 21, 2020.

COCC plans to offer in-person instruction at all campuses this fall, along with online, remote and hybrid options for students. To help students find the courses where they will feel most comfortable, the college has updated its credit class schedule so that students can search for classes filtered by campus or by modality (online or hybrid). COCC is also prepared to move to fully remote or online instruction if directed to do so by the state.

One of COCC’s principles of community is “To Promote a Healthy and Safe Learning Environment.” In the spirit of this principle, the college requires the use of face coverings across all campuses when in an indoor setting, or in outdoor areas where physical distancing is not easily maintained, unless an exception per OHA guidelines is met. To support this face coverings policy, COCC will provide free and widely available reusable and disposable face coverings to faculty, staff, students and visitors to campus.

COCC’s reopening plans are available via its website, These plans will be updated regularly and consistently, according to current OHA guidance and to remain consistent with local, state and national requirements. The college will also launch a reopening website the week of July 20, 2020, which will further explain and make accessible the plan’s details and protocols, as well as provide FAQs for students, employees, and the community at large. 

For all questions, or to receive a copy of the college’s reopening plans, contact Director of Communications Jenn Kovitz at or 206-227-9991.


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