Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them


Aside from housing expensive cars, garages also serve as storage of valuable house items and a potential entry point to your main interior. For these reasons, garages become a perfect target for criminals, and if you leave it unprotected, you are likely to lose all your investments. That is when a quality garage security system comes in.

Your garage door is your last line of defense against intruders after your fence system has been bypassed. Ensuring your garage door’s high performance will, in turn, guarantee you and your property’s protection. However, how do you repair a garage door in case the pros are not available or out of reach? While it’s crucial that you leave the repair job to professional hands, it surely won’t hurt to learn a thing or two about fixing a garage door on your own.

Here is a list of common garage door problems and to fix them:

Garage door won’t open.

Tried to open your garage door a couple of times but to no avail? Before you start thinking about fixing your garage door, check first if the problem is not with your remote control or if the door has been locked from the inside. A simple change of battery or reprogramming the remote will get it back to work. On the other hand, if your garage door is locked from the inside, it would be impossible to open it with the remote. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the simplest things, so it is worth checking before moving on. If neither of these two is the problem, chances are your garage door may be experiencing a more serious component issue such as a broken cable or spring. In this case, you should call for pros to repair your garage door.

Garage door creates disturbing noises.

Do you hear strange or unusual noises when opening or closing your garage door? Usually, this indicates a garage door problem that should be looked into as soon as possible. Providing lubrication to the different parts and keeping up with your garage door’s other maintenance needs should solve the problem.

Weather sealant is cracked or broken.

A weather seal on a garage door is essential in keeping the cold wind, rain, and snow from getting in. In other words, weather sealant helps your garage to be more energy-efficient, helping you save on your electric bill. If you notice any cracks or seams, then your weather sealant needs immediate replacement. You can buy a new one from your local home improvement store.

Garage door opens slowly.

If your garage door takes like forever to open, that’s a clear sign of a component problem. Make sure to fix it right away before it gets worse. Frequently, a slowly moving garage door is the result of poor lubrication. Use a lithium or silicone grease spray when lubricating the rollers and hinges. As for the tracks, clean and clear debris by using a wet sponge.

Garage door moves unevenly

A garage door that appears to hang unevenly or moves unevenly requires immediate fixing. The first thing you should do is check the blockage along the track where the wheels run. If nothing happens after clearing the track, a damaged spring is likely. Consult a licensed technician to help you out as spring issues should not be fixed on your own.

The importance of professional consultation

While there are basic maintenance tasks that you can do, complicated issues that involve your garage door opener, spring, or cable should be left for the professionals to handle. Seeking the help of licensed and insured companies like Garage Door Repair Calgary will not only ensure you a completed repair job but also results that are cost-effective and long-lasting.


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