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Customers want to feel that you listened to them or that you took special care with their order. Writing good handwritten notes can achieve that feeling. Make sure your note includes a few personal touches that are distinct to the customer. Personalized details include the name, a detail about the product you think he or she would like to know about, and a brief reference to any phone calls or emails you’ve shared. Customizing a template so that customers know you wrote the note for them creates a strong, positive end to the interaction that makes them feel good.

Maintain a ‘Small Company’ Feel

Generally speaking, people like small company aesthetics. Whether it’s because people want to root for the underdog, be reminded of small-town values, or express frustrations with big businesses, many customers find small companies charming. A handwritten note is one of the best items that you can send to someone. It’s not impersonal like typed and printed notes, and it’s not an experience customers receive when they buy from big businesses.

Be Interesting to Your Customers

Handwritten notes aren’t sent as much as they used to be. If your company is willing to invest the time and effort, you can be known as the company that cares. This small detail instantly makes your business stand out from the competition. You get attention when customers see the handwriting, and that connection can be enough to make them read the entire note. This attention-getting hook sets you apart from the competition in businesses where customers throw away the extra inserts and ads.

Build Customer Loyalty

A handwritten note is a time investment. Customers recognize time and attention to detail, which can help turn first-time customers into long-term customers. This tactic doesn’t work for every niche, but it can make all the difference in niches that involve emotions, gifts, or long-term business-customer relationships. If you sell baby clothes, pet toys, or sentimental items, include a note with your items. If you’re an estate planner or you work in an older adult community, include a note. Even B2B interactions can strengthen when you include a handwritten note alongside a contract, an invoice, or a holiday gift.

Humanize Your Business

Online stores have the potential to reach more customers across the globe. While easy access can help offset the lack of direct customer communication, this vital element is still hard to provide. Humanize your business with handwritten notes. The goal of humanizing online businesses is the same reason why companies include smiling faces on their websites or have informal or funny social media posts. Seeming impersonal, too formal, and too separate does more than make your business seem bland. It alienates your audience.

Now that you understand the power of handwritten notes, use them to create a strong identity for your business in the minds of your customers.


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